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  1. Hey, did you get hit with snow last night? We got 16 inches. So crazy. But hey, snow day from teaching, so I'm not complaining.

    1. Hey, good luck with the regimen! If you have any questions feel free to ask

      1. So you were completely clear? B5 often gives a initial breakout (a temporary increase of acne), if correct because deeper acne or sebum is pushed/removed out of the skin or something like that. Some people see a breakout and quit without knowing how effective B5 might have been in their bodies. you can google initial breakout with B5 and you will see. I'm just saying maybe you should try 3 months to see the real results
      2. hey bud...I see you use hemp protein. Does that work as well as whey protein?

        1. You might have had an initial breakout with the B vitamins...you were only on them for a month at a time. I'm a big believer in vitamin B5
        2. I also had great success clearing my skin by eliminating dairy from my diet. I just recently read the book the china study and studies show that casein protein (milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.) which is about 80% of cows milk may be cancerous. A study with rats given casein protein and a toxic mold found in peanut butter caused cancer in every rat. Obviously there needs to be more research done with casein protein but this is my motivation to stay away from dairy
        3. Usually due to excess sebum or oil. Vitamin B5 helps reduce the amount of oil produces within the skin.
        4. I use to have the same problem when I was on the regimen. I found it better just to load up on the jojoba oil at night and just use 2 drops during the day. I suggest taking 50mg of zinc and vitamin B5 as well.
        5. emm congrats buddy. I would suggest adding 50 mg of zinc daily to help with your scars. I gave up coffee cold turkey and you don't realize how addicted you are to coffee until you give it up. I went through withdrawal symptoms for two weeks.
        6. I would suggest adding 50 mg of zinc and a B5 vitamin daily to your regimen
        7. yep zinc should help red marks although smoking reduces the absorption of zinc
        8. Not really sure but any pimples around the mouth is usually due to a hormonal imbalance and zinc helps with this.