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  1. Could anyone suggest a good moisterizer for dry falky skin but still gets oily and no jojoba oil that just makes me more oily
  2. Anything I freakn put on my pustules DOESnt HELP I've tried bp it made dem bigger and Fatter tea tree oil didn't do nothing lemon nothing leaving them alone nothing what the he'll is wrong with me I really need help cus I get dem all the time and I end up poping them but they come back 3 to 4 tmiea before they go away and after a day sometimes dey come back my new nickname is gunna b scarface
  3. Yea everyone mostly has regular acne all I've been getting lately is pustules
  4. I'm really tired of my acne everyday I get new pustules I'm not asking for help cus i really doubt Anything could help I just needed to write dis acne has made me not wanna live no more if it wasn't for acne I'd be doing things with my life instead I hide under a rock fuck this life and the world
  5. Whenever I pop a pustule and I put anything on I it will come back it's like everytime I put neosporin Instead of just a red spot there's a yellow spot I know that's not normal
  6. Okay thanksI tried dans saliyic acid and it made me as red as a tomatoe do you think this would too?
  7. But don't you have to be on the regemin too use it?
  8. Anyone??? I need help even a lil I also have clogged pores come on ppl
  9. Okay when I wash my face even with the gentlest cleanser my face looks like ts dry but it's just dead skin what would get rid of this without exfoliating manually???
  10. How I know this regemin wouldn't work for me is becausA yesterday I had a painfull red bump on top of my eyebrow and I put bp on it and in the morning it was white and I had too pop it imagine putting bp all over
  11. Love the name bro

  12. But arent you supposed to be on there regemin and a month into it too use dans aha
  13. OKAY IVE BEEN using cerave cleanser and almost every gentle cleanser you can think of but my skin is always flaky unless i exfoliate but i need a gentle way to exfoliate should i sue an aha but i also get pustules all the time i dont know what too do any help would be appriecated be a friend and help a ugly guy out