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  1. I agree with D ^ You may have been so irritated before because it was 10%. A concentration that high is bound to irritate most people. If it was a true allergic reaction to the BP on the other hand, you'll be allergic to the 2.5% aswell. As Deb said above, if it's blistering, crusting, or swelling… that's an allergy. But if it's the redness, itching, and dryness that you're experiencing as mentioned in the FAQs, that is something that does go away with time once your skin adjusts to the
  2. From what I've read, Picolinate is supposed to the best as it is most easily absorbed by the body. Gluconate is supposed to very good aswell… so either one I'm sure is just fine. I've had a hard time finding those in stores where I live (the most common sold seems to be Citrate), so I've been taking that… but I just recently ordered some Picolinate from Amazon as I'm interested to see the difference. I'd say if you can find Picolinate or Gluconate, you're good either way!
  3. Drugstore BP option in Canada

    Although it's a 5% concentration, I've used it before as my treatment. It is thicker than the acne.org BP and much harder to spread, but it does the job if you aren't able to order or find another option. I prefer Dan's BP to this, but if you're in a bind, I do recommend this aswell.
  4. Unfortunately some people just have oily eyelids! I sure do. It's quite common. Using a proper eye cream on your eye area should help to keep it hydrated but not overly oily. As for the eyeliner smudging, using a primer specifically formulated for your eyes will help to keep everything in place. Urban Decay makes a really popular one, but it's not enough for my oily eyelids. My favourite is by Nars, but Too Faced and Kat Von D have really good ones aswell. Most brands make them, but those ar
  5. How long have you been using it for? Like BP, it takes some time to see results… there is no quick fix, otherwise none of us would be here! As for the stickiness, some have reported this, so yes I would say it's normal. Have you been using it on its own? I find that mixing it with my moisturizer helps it to absorb better.
  6. Yay! That's what we're here for. I'm so glad you're going to stick it out. As someone who had great success using BP for 10+ years, I know what it can do to keep you clear and that after everything has adjusted, you'll be so glad you stuck with it. About 6 months ago I decided to quit BP and within a couple months I was broken out. I'm at the 3.5 week point of restarting it and experiencing all the initial dryness and irritation and breakouts all over again. It's no fun at all… but I know what'
  7. Building up the AHA usage gradually is definitely key, as Iggs said. I used mine two nights in a row (mixed with moisturizer) and found that even that was too much… I was suddenly dry and flaky all over all. Everyone is different, but the 10% glycolic acid is potent stuff and the adjustment phase is similar to the BP in the sense that you do have to take it slow and give your skin time to get acquainted. There are some that have reported that the AHA just didn't agree with their skin, but I
  8. Hey Olivia, Yes it definitely does take some time. While some see great results in only a few weeks, many (I would actually say most) have to stick it out at least a couple months before they start to really see consistent clearing. Those first few months can be a bit of roller coaster ride… dealing with the dryness and irritation of adjusting to the BP, and then of course the initial breakouts. One day you may wake up seeing fantastic clearing, and then the next wake up with a bunch of new
  9. Ahhh yes, and the cold weather! Not helpful either. Stick out the powder as long as you can, espcecially if you've had problems with liquids in the past. If you can manage to find a good moisturizer that hydrates your skin enough you may be able to get away with staying on the powder. I tend to get quite dry in the winter months and I find that turning a humidifier on at night helps too! And no worries at all Let me know how everything goes and feel free to send me a message if you need any
  10. I would say to do it just nightly for few days, and then add in every 2nd morning for a week or so until your skin is really used to it again… and then go for morning and night everyday and start ramping up the BP. Personally I've found starting BP as an adult much harder than when I started it as a teenager. My skin is thinner and much more sensitive now than it used to be, so it's taking a lot longer to adjust. To help with spreading just the pea sized amount over the entire area you'r
  11. No worries! I definitely do recommend the UD Naked Skin. It's so light but it's buildable aswell. Powders are often better for acne prone skin as they don't tend to be as clog prone, however if you're dry (which especially on Accutane you will be) powders can really accentuate the dryness and tend to make the skin flake even more. I'd recommend the UD Naked and apply with a brush. (Because it's so liquidy, using a sponge would cause more product to get soaked into the sponge than actually on
  12. The most effective way to "cover" large pores is to apply a primer before your foundation. Pores unfortunately do not open or close. As your skin loses collagen (accelerated with age and sun exposure without SPF protection) your skin loses its tightness and elasticity, and therefore becomes dull and pores can stretch. Hence the importance of SPF protection; you can't reverse that damage and re-close your pores. Back to primers, there are many specifically designed create a smooth canvas for
  13. Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation is waterbased and very lightweight. Bare Minerals has a newer liquid foundation serum called Bare Skin, also very lightweight. Laura Mercier and Josie Maran both make some nice and hydrating tinted moisturizers. Sephora will match you up to a proper shade and can even supply you with a couple samples if you'd like to try them out before purchasing
  14. Yes this is almost my exact situation. I used BP for over 10 years. 6 months ago I decided to stop using it aswell, and unfortunately did discover over the next few months that my skin couldn't do without it. I restarted the Regimen too ambitiously and it was NOT a good time. I took a break for a few weeks, and am now once again restarting and doing it responsibly as though my skin has never seen BP before. Dry all over again of course, but definitely not as much as when I tried going back to it
  15. Hey maggieb93! The dryness is still completely normal near the end of week 2. Everyone is different of course, but the dryness can stick around anywhere from a week to a few. As long as the dryness isn't unbareable, just keep powering through and within another week or 2 you should find the dryness gradually going away. If you're finding it too hard to deal with at the moment, you can definitely consider scaling back on your applications for a few days until your skin adjusts and then slowly