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  1. Im on the same exact regimen. I take doxy, yaz, while using cetaphil and differin. started yesterday. hoping to see results FAST!
  2. I with you. I used one moisturizer and overnight, my face looked horrible. It was a cetaphil brand. I need a new non acne causing one ASAP.
  3. Im experiencing the breakouts as well! I started the regimen just last night. And my face looks horrible today! New red pimples all over my face. I normally would give up. But because Ive been reading all the positive feedback, I'm going to stick it out. Im so scared. But praying this works...
  4. we have ALOT in common. I weight the same as you. Ive been on accutante for about the same length as you. and i took the same dosage as you. LOL. tommorrow is my last pill. Im kinda nervous as to what will happen after Im finished because I still break out. But im praying for the best!!! I wish you luck as well...
  5. Sure you can!!! I get them constantly and I have been on accutane since march. no problems at all...
  6. the same thing happened to me the first time I drunk alcohol while taking accutane
  7. Car mirrors aren't flat (they're actually convex on the outside) They make your face look fat and magnify its flaws. Thats good to hear.
  8. Sooooo agree. I hate looking in the car mirror. Its the worse.
  9. I tried it for the first time two nights ago! The cyst definetely got smaller and it dried out. But the next night nothing happen . It pretty much stayed the same
  10. Hey. Im just curious as to why you were accutane for 10 months. Was your dosage low? Im thinking i will have to be on accutane for a longer period because I started out on such a low dose. It was just 20mg. And im 175lbs.
  11. So true. Im on my third month of accutane. Now...I only have to drink about two drinks and im drunk. Before it would take about 5 or 6 drinks. I know for certain, you wouldnt be able to stomach 10-15 drinks that night. For instance, last month I drunk about 4 drinks and I was hammered. And that never happened before.
  12. i wish you luck on our fourth go round of the accutane! im just curious if your acne got worse or better once the acne reappeared after each course?
  13. I wish you luck on your accutane journey. Im about to finish my second month. Im just curious as to how much your accutane costs without insurance?
  14. What types of remedies/medications do you guys use to cope with your IB? If any. Im going through my second IB and I have three massive cysts on my cheeks. Nothing seems to work. Its driving me crazy. Please Help!!!