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  1. Hi, Ive got some money saved for scar treatments, i have rolling scars, ice picks and a nose full of black heads and holes. Previous experience on Harley street made me cautious of searching Google for clinics. Can anyone recommend their best places and prices? Im considering chemical peel, Fraxel and whatever else, to be honest im out of touch with scar treatements I havent been on the boards for ages Thanks M
  2. Hi, My nose is quite oily and full of black heads, i decided to use some BP on it as it worked quite well on my spots in the past. After 4 days of putting it on, i noticed the sides of my nose starting to flake. I decided to stop using it and hit the moisturising cream. Now its 2 weeks later and the side of my nose is flaking and peeling still, the skin is becoming red and more sore each week. Its really dry now and its often difficult to make this skin look flat. One extreme to another It c
  3. i tried to see dr chu on the NHS, was the biggest waste of time ever, after requesting him and waiting 3 months for an appointment i ended up getting seen by someone in the office next to him who rush me through in about literally 4 minutes, told me to come back in 3 months, came back in 3 months and then spent 5 mins with me and said that i was worrying about nothing and my scarring isnt that bad. I said its not what it looks like to you its how it affects me mentally, she just fobbed me off an
  4. for 600 quid you could get pixel laser 3 sessions, or 2 sessions with 400 quid and a chemical peel afterwards for a 100 quid. Hey thanks for the reply, have you had pixel yourself? is that the laser treatment that in focus now? sorry to ask im a bit behind, last time i read up on stuff it was blu light. Is chemical peel the same as TCA peel? Thanks for your time and help
  5. Hi all, ive managed to save up £500, whats the lastest treatment for mild-medium rolling scars and a pox like scars on my cheeks and near my chin? im in london, uk thanks for your help
  6. Hi all, Ive been getting redness around my nostrils and sides of my nose, it sometimes itches, but no spots ever appear but is a type of acne i think (if u look close in someparts there are blackheads and i have acne elsewhere) anyone get the same thing or know how to make it go away? thanks all!
  7. yeah i saw a picture of the device, im just wondering how effective it is?
  8. Hi all, after seeing the doctor she has given me the choice of dermorollar or subcision. I have a mix of medium/mild acne scars on my cheeks, some are rolling scars some are perfect circle type scars. The doc has said that dermoroller is better for my scars, and subcision will take less sessions however my face will be bruised and i may have to take time off work. But with the roller it will take several sessions but its not that noticable. how have you found dermoroller? ive never heard of
  9. hi there, I live in the uk, does anyone know if the big brands like piz buin, hawaian tropic, loreal etc do a suntan lotion that doesnt block pores? i need something to put on my face around 20spf. a lot of products say on the back that they are non greasy etc but non say Non-comedogenic, although Boots have Soltan own brand which says it does not block pores. thanks!
  10. what causes hive spots by the way? i also get spots which look like two spots in one, two yellow heads, those are really sore, anyone else get them or know how to deal with them?
  11. ARGH thats annoying i didnt know that before, does the calamine help with the purple-ness too? by the way thanks for the replies its very much appreciated
  12. is there a different treatment for hives rather than bp? or do i just treat it like a normal spot?