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  1. I don't think it's a tolerance, I think you just don't notice it b.c. for you eating whatever is your normal average day diet. Assume that like drugs, food does have a withdrawal stage where much of the unhealthy stuff that's lying around your body system is being rapidly released into the blood before finally being eliminated from the body. After that stage, things get interesting. Just work your way up the food groups, vegetables are always good. Fruits are usually alright just don't buy fruit
  2. A vegan diet is no indication of health or nutrition... one could eat unhealthy and be vegan, especially if she is eating whole grains. Exactly my point when I said that we should all listen to our body to determine what foods make us feel at our best and eat that way.
  3. I think I mentioned that what you've been told is a healthy diet probably isn't healthy for you. You must listen to your body, if it feels good eating a certain way, continue eating that way. There are some fad diets that you could trust or distrust since they are fads...but a few advocate only eating fruits and vegetables, I would love to see how that would affect you if you ate that way. I'm not saying the fad diet is healthy, although it may be for you, but I think it would be almost impossib
  4. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t&p=3152711 Here is my success story after 2 or so years of moderate-severe acne.
  5. I just drank a shot of organic ACV. A shot of ACV keeps the acne away. http://www.acne.org/apple-cider-vinegar-as.../455/page1.html
  6. Definitely the cheapest and easiest solution. It's not the thinking that water will make it better, it's that the treatments we use excessively or they do more harm than good to our skin and that if they were there some of us could get clear. Obviously, this won't work for everyone, only a select few.
  7. Picture this scenario, Adolescent begins to get acne, Adolescent buys many different topical treatments with varied results but no successes, Adolescent matures and hormones level off not knowing that that was what was causing his acne originally, the now 20ish year old continues to buy and use topical treatments unbeknownst that his acne is only still active b.c. of some allergic reaction to his topical treatments and that if he would only stop using them his skin would clear.
  8. Freeliving told you to take cold showers without cleansers or any topical treatment. That's not nothing. That's what I do but with a healthy diet, I'm clear now. I think this is a good path to take.
  9. It has been said to also build will power and I think it gives us a great resistance against the temptation of junk food. I heard it's also great for anti-aging, I'm rather excited looking so much younger than everyone my age when I start getting old.
  10. Oh so this is your cure. Funny, I did the same thing only with major diet changes and I got clear too. I much prefer cold showers, now, over hot.
  11. This is one such thing I want to address. Because everyone is a unique expression of a human being, each of us needs a different amount of the food groups I mentioned. Some people may have a body that is more inclined to eat fish, and they feel best and look best with a higher fish diet. This is good. One thing everyone should look into is how an individual food or an entire food group affects them, personally. This is the one way to optimize your diet to your body. Also Freeliving, Are you say
  12. After a few years of pretty bad acne I cured it through natural means. I do not use any commericial cleansers on my face. The only thing I would do if I were you is some sort of exfoliation while taking a shower. The best way, definitely the most gratifying method of curing acne, is by finally using any grief or embarrassment you feel over your acne against the temptation of unhealthy foods....Simply, The Cure for acne is to eat a healthy diet. The problem is many people are told one things he
  13. Don't forget to get exercise. You should also try taking fish oil capsules or liquid.
  14. I tried this once, maybe twice, it didn't do much for my acne, in fact I think it got worse but I suppose it was wonderful to be so carefree. Good Luck.