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  1. Aghaidh dearg bionn tu lan le bladar cosuil liom fein Haha fair play to the lad who said "My manhood isnt small"...you are not alone my friend. But we must soldier on through life however difficult it may be
  2. Yeah I got those lumps for a while. I just has one around the area between my eyes or the side of the bridge of my nose. It didnt hurt and it wasnt a pimple, just a small lump. They went away by themselves. Weird they were. meow
  3. Hormones? I know thats usually around mouth though. Dunno sorry
  4. I know this is a bit off topic but in your profile pic from that angle you look like Jay-Z when he was younger. Or is that just me?
  5. Im 17, in my last year in Irish equivilant of high school, we just call it secondary school. Final exams in june!! I already did the aptitude test for med and all thats left are english, irish, french, technical graphics, chemistry and biology exams... Its tough stuff lol.
  6. Good luck to you, seriously I hope it goes well. I read some of your posts sometimes and I think you have the traits. I would love to be a doctor, I have my exams in 3 months. Im working my ass off for them. GOOD LUCK!
  7. Aspirin mask! I do one every week and it never disappoints. Today I was in pretty bad shape so I used two extra strong tablets (I usually only use one extra strong tablet 500mg) I left it for half an hour and seriously its class. You see best results if you dont use it more often than once a week.
  8. What are all you people laughing at? Who needs plonkers like Gok Wan or whatever his name is when you have fashionistas such as this guy
  9. God this has really escalated since I saw this last!! EDIT: I had written some stuff but you should really listen to the previous person. Grade A stuff that.
  10. Yeah I remember seeing your picture, he definately likes you. Dont be afraid of that any more because he does, you are, to put it politely "very good looking" I dunno how a girl should flirt but Im sure its the same for us lads, you just have to be playful. No more "whats up, nothing, you" because that is very dry indeed, you dont need something ground breaking to say just have something at least.
  11. I see how it annoys you but in fairness everyone is allowed to be annoyed if they get spots imo even very rarely or small ones.
  12. Very very deep thread... glad you managed to get off the drugs..
  13. lads, there is nothing wrong with it once a day.. 3-5 times a day whatever about being bad for your acne...its just unhealthy, you are obsessed with it...you should learn to live with your dick not being in your hand lol. You need a certain amount, its healthy to have a certain amount (4-7 a week to keep test. levels where they should be for a lad 17-22 Its less as you get older) abstain if you want but w/e.