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  1. Chocolate Bunny is so processed and modified and you got like fake dairy in it too lol no wonder you broke out like crazy.
  2. Where is the reference where he says that? Not saying i don't believe you, would just like to read it;) Well I was at the gym, and it was on his show I just didn't pay much attention. But, I'm trying to find it on youtube but have no luck will try to get back to you with a reference.
  3. Sorry this is false. Fatty foods etc aren't really what breaks everyone out. Everyone is different. For me it's dairy. I've seen so many fat obese disgusting looking humans with perfectly clear skin.
  4. Dr.Oz talked about Peppermint Oil being the 'cure' to acne.
  5. This doesn't achieve the same effect. Fasting completely clears out your bowels are impacted fecal matter is eliminated. During my 22 day juice fast I emptied some incredibly vile looking stuff out of me. Some fecal matter was literally BLACK. And even on day 14, I was still having occasional bowel movements. Ridiculous. Aside from clearing the bowels, it also cleansed my ex-smoker lungs quite well. My sense of smell also improved tenfold. Did you know that vegetables aid in helping
  6. Funniest thread on this website by far. Man people are obsessed with perfection. OP, do a 6 layer chemical peel.
  7. Why fast? Just eat salads for 14 days with no sauce and see how your skin and weight and digestion and pretty much everything else improves.