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  1. I cannot even comprehend how frustrated I feel about acne, and it's persistence to negatively affect my life. I've been dealing this shit since elementary school, and it never seems to fully go away. Every time I get a glimmer of hope and feel like I have rid myself of this curse forever, it comes back. It truly isn't fair that some people can the most unhygienic lifestyles yet manage to have clear skin. Meanwhile, us acne suffers are try everything in our power to minimize our problem, such as
  2. If most of your red marks are smooth then you probably have hyper-pigmentation more than anything. These red marks will fade in time, but you can also try exfoliating if your skin can handle it to speed up the process.
  3. I think everyone on this forum has felt the same way as you do at some point, in one way or another. I know I definitely have. Acne sucks, and all we can do is try our best to keep it under control. In time, life only gets better. You are still really young! As I've gotten older, people are much more mature about the whole situation. Don't let other peoples comments get to you. As hard as it is, try to keep a positive outlook on life, and maybe take up some hobbies like bonsai said. As you becom
  4. So I had a pretty bad cyst a day or two ago, which I was able to drain for the most part. The area where the cyst formed is no longer painful, but is still slightly elevated. Should I continue to apply ice to it until it has levelled out?
  5. From your experience or knowledge, what type of acne scars are the easiest to get rid off? Icepick, Boxcar or Rolling? I feel like icepick would be the hardest and rolling would be the easiest.
  6. I'd say its likely just hyper pigmentation aka a red mark. From my experience, pimples do not scar on my chin unless they are incredibly deep. I wouldn't worry too much about it, the redness should fade in a week or so depending on your skin
  7. So I was able to make it few days without picking, but I just gave in last night. My face was finally looking much better than it had, but I noticed a spot forming under the skin on my right cheek. I tried icing it but that didn't do me any good. Out of anger I just picked the damn thing. Every time my face is about to get better and I start to feel happy, a painful spot will form. I hate it! it just never ends and is extremely depressing
  8. Alright, I'm ready to join you guys in this endeavour. I absolutely hate looking in the mirror and seeing a white head. I don't really get other types of pimples. Especially now that I'm at school, I can't bare to go to class with a giant white pimple just sitting on my cheek. The saddest part is, probably 90% of them would go away in a few days if I just left them. SO, starting today I'm going to join you guys and try my best not to. Day1!
  9. Hey man, I know things are tough right, but think! We are all in the same boat. Acne sucks, nobody can disagree. You're only 19, and still in the early stages of life. I know its hard to deal with things such as scars, but thousands of people do every day. There are treatments out there, such as laser or dermarolling where people have found great improvement on their scars. Suicide is not the answer. Try to find somebody to talk to about your feelings. If you don't have anyone, you can always ta
  10. Hey, I was wondering if there are certain "things" i should look for to tell if i have ice pick scars. I have a few spots that definitely look like they could be. Are they supposed to be super deep/ noticeable? I have really pale skin, the the spots that look like they could potentially be scars are still a little red. Does this mean it could still be hyperpigmentation? or could they even be just enlarged pores?
  11. I have this really sore spot on my face that i starting to come to head. I need to minimize its appearance my tomorrow as much as possible. I don't know whether to pop it. Or i was thinking of trying the aspirin method. But if its not going to make that much of a difference, I see no point. Can someone give me some advice? Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm currently using Differin to spot treat the whiteheads on my face. As they go away, however, whether by drying up or popping by themselves, that area of my skin stays really dry and almost flaky. Should I constantly moisturize the area where the pimple had been to maximize the healing process? Or will it even make a difference if I leave it dry? I want to minimize the chance of it scarring as much as possible!
  13. Hi, Today as i was washing my face i noticed that a part of my cheek was sore to touch. Obviously, I think this is indicating that a pimple will soon appear. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from appearing or getting even worse? Or do I have to just sit back and hope for the best?
  14. Hello! I hope I can help you out! I have beyond sensitive skin. Fair complexion with a hint of pink on the cheeks. Irish genetics-not rosacea just the nature of my skin. My skin can get irritated by the changing seasons, temperature, and even hard water. I too, get the dead skin flakes. Yes, overly dry skin can get acne. The skin barrier is compromised. My biggest mistake concerning my skin was treating just the acne. Most acne products will dry out your skin-they cannot dry out a pimple. They c