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  1. hey everyone! I just ended accutane and i still have some spots that need to get clear, i used the cetaphil face wash while on accutane but i'm not sure what to use to maintain clear skin now that my accutane is done. It would be such a huge help if i could get feed back and see what other users have used and what works!
  2. thanks for responding! hopefully i start to clear more in month 4 also : )
  3. hey, so i'm on my 3rd month of accutane and i'm just curious when people started to see clearing.. im still breaking out and i dont know what to expect im very anxious for my skin to clear and i guess i'm just worried that this isnt working for me. I'm on 50mg a day.. if anyone cane give me some feed back that would be awesome!
  4. Hey guys, So I'm on my 2nd month of accutane and i'm about half way through. I started to realize that i have more lines under my eyes and a few on my face almost like creases. I dont know if anyone else has experienced this or knows why or what I can do. It may because of the drying effect but i'm not sure. Also I was wondering if anyone knew of a good skin toner, my skin has some red spots and sun spots that i would like to fade after accutane. Thanks ahead of time!!
  5. thanks so much for all of the information, i never had of that antibiotic before but i will definately google it and bring it up to my doctor. It sounds like something that really works and at this point i'm willing to try anything.. thanks for all of the great tips!
  6. my oil never came back at all after accutane. It's been 3 years since finishing. I really dont understand what happened since iver heard that oil is supposed to return post-accutane. My skin before accutane was very oily. Ive been to dermatologists and no one has an explanation. Its driving me crazyyyy. I need some oil backkk. well, i hope that helps and shows u that people have different reactions to the drug. well im glad to hear that the oil definately didnt all come back because that is
  7. thank you so much for the fed back!! hopefully it all works out, and yes i have already stopped with the soda peanut butter anything i can think of that could make my skin worse! so hopefully it truns out with a good result.. thanks again! If anyone else knows anything about oil post accutane id love to hear about it!
  8. hey guys, so i'm starting accutane in about 2 weeks. I'm really anxious to try this and see if it works i have my fingers crossed! but im not only concerned with the pimples but after accutane will be skin look less oily? If anyone can give me some feed back that had this problem please let me know! i dont know what to do to control the apperance of the oil on my face, im hoping that accutane helps that.
  9. hey guys, so i'm starting accutane in a month for 5 months. i'm a tiny girl so i start at 40 and the most i will get is 50mg. I was wondering if anyone else was small and if they could tell me what to expect or how accutane worked for them. or anyone with good stories about using accutane..i hope this is the answerrr!!
  10. hey! so i read your post and ive been there, i hate sitting next to people to close and things like that because i have acne it sucks. but if i know one thing its that tanning does nothing to make it better. i use to tan CONSTANTLY and yes it seemed to help clear my acne for the time being but it doesnt stay that way. In the long run it only makes your sking worse, i went to a medical spa and got a picture of my skin from tanning, yes it was horrific and i havent been in a bed since! and it defi
  11. Yea i'm going on monday i really think im going to do it, im ready to be clear once and for all, hopefully ill react the same way that you did. thanks for the input
  12. thank you all so much for the information! I had a dermo appt. for next monday and I'm sure she will give me her opinion on what she thinks is best. I have done alot of reading up on accutane and yes some good and some bad but I guess i'm at the point where I'm frustrated and just want it gone.! Thanks for the pointers on other things i could try to help out my skin! everyone on this site seems so great and helpful, i'm glad i found a place where people are going through the same thing as me. th
  13. \ I'm in the same exact boat! i have been on all of those and have had mild acne since I was 11 I'm now 20 and I just want it to be clear once and for all to. I have a derm appt. for next monday and I'm going to bring up accutane, hopefully i get the same response that your derm gave you. I'm just ready to stop dealing with this!!
  14. hey guys i'm new to this site and i just wanted some feed back on accutane good or bad. I'm getting mixed reviews but i'm really tempted to try it out. My acne is only on my face and it's not to severe but it is moderate and I have been dealing with it since I was 12, I'm now 20 and I need something to work! i have tried everything, every over the counter product every medication everything you name I most likely have tried. Nothing will just make it go away completely! I feel like my last resor