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  1. Okay guys! I am on day 15 of my Accutane Journey! So far no bad side effects just SUPER chapped lips and my skin is drying out. I can already tell a positive affect on my skin, it is already looking better! I am hoping that I am one of the lucky ones who miss out on the initial breakout! Maybe it is because I was on tetracycline for a couple of months and stopped taking it about 10 days before I started Accutane? Who knows! I have been waking up around 3 every morning feeling kind of weird. I do
  2. Just took my first accutane pill about 5 mins ago. I am super super nervous!!!! It is like I am sitting here waiting for something to happen. I really hope this pill isn't as horrible as everyone makes it out to be. Im a little nervous and excited! I need encouragement that it isn't so bad. Ill post a pic tonight!
  3. Hey, I start Nov 10...The waiting period is almost over. Thank God!
  4. Wow your skin is looking a lot better! You must be really happy. I can totally relate to you on how you felt about your skin! I cant wait to finally get the accutane!!
  5. Guys im bummed! My doc just called and I cant start the accutane for 30 days, she thought since I was on BC For a month I didnt have to wait during the waiting period. So...turns out I do I so bummed out!! Ahhh well I guess ill be posting in thirty days!
  6. Sooo Today is the day!!! Here is my before picture! Sorry it looks weird, I blurred out my eyes in iphoto because I didn't want anyone to come accross my picture that I might know. I look HORRIBLE, and it's embarassing....bleh. Anyway, I got Accutane today!!! I have wonderful doctor who has kind of put me on the fast track and we worked it out to where I got it today without a waiting period! All I have to do is take a preg test and I can fill my rx. Which I will be taking my first Accutane pill
  7. Hello! I am mallory I am 21 and from TN (yes I have the southern accent) I am a college student (Almost done woooooo!!) and I have always had acne here and there. It started when I was in high school, but it was nothing major. I could always cover it up with makeup! I tried doxycycline a couple of times, and it really cleared up my skin for the time being. I also tried every topical treatment known to man at that time. I had a few break outs here and there...nothing horrible though. Within the