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  1. your pretty lucky then(: I get tiny pimpless, no big deal. But my scarring is starting to really effect my self esteem even though I wear make-up. I feel like you can still see some scarring. UGH it's a never ending cycle lol

  2. Finished huh? thats nice... How is your skin now? and ya my skin is great.. i get like 1 small zit once a month thats it.. Very happy with it :)

  3. I actually finishes accutane back in January lol Hows your treatment?

  4. Acne.org regimen.. dont temme you haven't check about it... its on this site itself...
  5. Hey hey, long time.. hows it goin wit the your accutane journey?? :)

  6. Hi... So it seems you have tried most of the products... I am currently on Dan's regimen.. It takes time to work but it still does work for me... Why don't you give it a try??
  7. Firstly 5 Weeks is just too early.. im in the 4th month now... I had similiar problems till the end of the 3rd month,,, I used to break out a lot till then... But now its pretty much clear i get like 1 pimple once every 2 weeks or so... And as far as the peeling goes it will subside ... You just need some time... Go through this link it will help you with all your doubts... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/state-min...rn-t117898.html
  8. dude.. You have to upload a pic with higher resolution... Can't you see for yourself that not a single spot can be seen on ur face in the avatar??
  9. OMG thats the best improvement i have seen so far... Congratulations ....
  10. If a full finger's length is not affecting your skin adversely then continue doing that.. But if by any chance you experience any redness ... Reduce the amount the next time cause it will just aggravate your redness... Good luck ..
  11. Congrats on getting clear... Ya the regimen does work great... Atlast we acne suffers have something that actually work right,,, ...
  12. Haha.. Guess you gotta deal with that till ya get old... lol...

  13. yeahh im italian lol Ppl always tell me i look hispanic haah & then they start speaking to me in spanish..& im like whatt?