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  1. Hi guys .. My face has been clear for a year now ...but its just my back acne is pretty stubborn ...its not really bad ....just some scars and maybe like 3-4 pimples there . My doctor says that ....at my age (19) I should be over the most acne prone years and that it should be subsiding ...but ........he says it wouldnt hurt to try minocin for the stubborn back acne .......what do you guys think? I've already taken 2 days of 50 mg minocin .... Also ....I"m concerned that AFTER I finish this min
  2. hmm I think that would be unadvisable ...since u are trying to avoid irritation . I found "rubbing" was one of the things that caused my flare ups...before.
  3. Has anyone tried to put cortisone creme on their red marks? does that help? 0.1% or 0.05%?
  4. hey guys ....I've been doing the regimen for almost a year now . has helped me ...like ...make a 180 ..so I" good now ..just basically on a "maintenance" regimen .... I use BP only at night ...and I use eucerin in the morning . I got lazy a few weeks back and stopped the regimen ... so I got like a spot on my right cheek ...its not a pimple...(it was) now its just a red spot ...it's fading but its taking time . I was wondering ..is moisturizing at night necessary? like ....you put BP o
  5. oh man . that happened to me too ...while I was driving! I think I yawned....so my eyes got little teary .....and probably that somehow got mixed with something around my eye ...and then it was like BAM >>>>>OUCH I COULDN"T SEE >>>Man ....that was scary . but I'm still alive..... O:) /
  6. uhh crap . I seriously almost threw up .....uhh ...I shudder and get goosebumps ...uhhhhh Sigh ...poor people .... [-o<
  7. oh dang . It looks like your picking at your back? are you? like trying to scratch the acne or something? I useda do that ....I couldn't help it ](*,) but just dont......and it'll pay off .....use neutrogena body clear body wash ...and use one of those sponge things that make it all foamy ... hang in there
  8. ya pretty much 98% success. I haven't been here in a long time (thank God) =) kinda graduated from the scar board . but . I just used ... Tape Method + Apple Cider Vinegar + Queen Helen Mask good stuff
  9. hmm... I've been doing the vinegar and tape method for a while now...great results.. but I wonder if I should also use the neutrogena multivitamin cream with salicyclic acid.... the cream is supposed to fade red marks.. but I wonder if the vinegar and the salicyclic acid together will be too harsh. thanks.
  10. hey this stuff is supposed to reduce red marks n'such right? Anyone used it before? Does it work? I just bought a bottle today .....on sale ...$2.50 US so cheap
  11. hey guys. I read your stories.. ya ppl can be mean that like....but guess you gotta just suck it up.....for now dunno what else to say heh. cept. there's hope =) O:) I came to the website about ....4 months ago....started at the regimen board.....got cleared...moved to the scar board....all smooth.. and now I just lounge at the lounge =) So ya...theres hope....we all know how you feel just hang in there.
  12. hmm maybe the apple cider vinegar method doesn't really work for deep scars... I don't have any scars...only red marks...and the apple cider vinegar made em all disappear.
  13. phew thanks for the heads up bout the diluted vinegar.. I been using the diluted apple cider vinegar and its been working great.....I was thnking of using undiluted vinegar since the diluted worked so well...(to somehow speed it up) ha thanks I guess u saved me.
  14. hey damnpits heh. Oh I just use the vinegar...dilute it as 1 part water 1 part vinegar....I just pour it into my hands and gently "rub" ...well not really rub...but just splash onto my face without getting it into my eyes...thats bout it... I only do it at night...once a day.... and I'm not drinking the lemon thing.
  15. hmm wow....I dunno if apple cider vinegar is a miracle or I'm just imaginging it.. I"ve been using the proactiv toner with 6% glycolic acid for like 2 months now...hoping to fade the red marks ...with very very very very slow results.....like maybe 10% in 2 months... but I just used the vinegar for like 4 days....and BAM.....80% improvement ...seriously......and weird thing is....I useda have this very shallow scar....half a millimeter. (not from acne) .....and thats even starting to disap