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  1. Dan, It would definitely be worth it to look into it further. When I discovered that the moisturizer was the cause of these new and horrible breakouts I had, I was not going to say anything. I just made a mental note to myself to never go near it again. But then I thought, What if some people begin the regimen, and they use the moisturizer, and it has the same extremely negative effects that it had on me, and in return they give up on the regimen thinking that it doesn’t work? So I decide
  2. Thanks all. Thanks for hearing me out, for your empathy, and replies. I really hope mine is a rare case. Everyone's "chemistry" is different, after all. capehorn, testing it on a small area is a good idea.
  3. Hiya Brent, Even though you have used BP in the past, this regimen requires a LARGE amount of BP. So I would advise that you still start the regimen with small amounts of BP and increase the amount very gradually until you are using LOADS of the stuff (because that's pretty much the only way it works...I'd love to bathe in it if I could! ) And remember to use *plenty* of moisturizer (a good, gentle facial moisturizer with spf) even if at first you do not notice any dryness. Because once yo
  4. Hi Brandy sweetie!! Thank you for the well wishes. My face is slowly recovering thank goodness :pray: I was so hoping that Dan's moisturizer would be the "perfect" lotion that I have yet to find, but alas it was anything BUT. :( Oh well...my search continues. In the meanwhile I'll continue using my previous moisturizer, eucerin Q10 anti-wrinkle...lord knows, at my age, I could certainly benefit from *anything* anti-wrinkle! ;) It's great "seeing" you again Brandy, and I'll try to pop
  5. Hello Dan and everyone, I am very sorry and disappointed to say that this moisturizer did not agree with me. I waited for so long for it to be available to us, checking the website regularly. When it finally came out, I was pretty let down to find out that it contained neither SPF nor any AHA. I was hoping for a lotion closer to the amazing Eucerin (which, sadly, has been discontinued for some time now). However, I still purchased Dan’s lotion because I simply adore the BP gel. I have us
  6. GINETTE! How are you darling?!?! Great to see you! :)

  7. I haven't posted here in forever, but I peek in every now and then and as soon as I spotted this topic I just had to chime in...I LOVE the idea of an 8oz tube, Dan!! Beautiful! Many people use the BP on their back/chest/arms (heck, personally I'd love to bathe in the stuff if I could) and an 8oz tube sounds brilliant.
  8. Dan!! Your new cleanser is a gem I love it to pieces. It's gentle, it doesn't dry up my skin (and that's a miracle), has no odor, easily removes make-up, rinses off like nothing, amazing!! Love it love it love it!!! Now we just need the moisturizer...I'm desperate for it so please hurry!!! Thanks for everything, you beautiful person you!
  9. Illy, let me know how that goes for you. I'm thinking about doing the same thing. I don't want to give up on AHA all together, because it actually does give my skin a very nice even-toned appearance (plus it's great for wrinkles -- and, well, I'm kinda up there in age now. *ahem*). But the extreme dryness I get from AHA is ridiculous. I might consider using a very thin layer of aha moisturizer followed by a regular moisturizer too
  10. You know, I'm sorry but...is it just me or does anyone else dry out even MORE when using a moisturizer with AHA?? The regimen is never a problem for me....but come winter time, forget it! I b*tch and moan constantly about this nightmare dry skin So, I was under the impression that AHA helps exfoliate the skin. And I thought: OK so if I apply enough of an AHA moisturizer, it should exfoliate these blasted flakes, right? WRONG. I seem to get drier and drier and DRIER I don't thin
  11. awww, poor AMO. I kinda like him...in some sick sinister twisted way *pets amo*
  12. Here, here. I totally agree with Brandy! sounds like a smart plan. Illy, don't worry so much....you'll be fine! And keep telling yourself you WON'T breakout, and sincerely BELIEVE it
  13. no, i'm sorry i don't :( It's the one thing i regret, not having taken any photos of my progress :wall: But believe me :pray: there were days when I wouldn't leave the house for anything in the world. I had pustules, papules, blackheads, sometimes a whitehead would pop up here and there (but these were nothing compared to the rest of my face), and every now and then cysts. It took me five months of doing the regimen religiously before I cleared up. And massive amounts of BP (but don't s
  14. Don't feel alone, ilonka! we're here! :dance: Oh-kay...lol :D