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  1. I washed 3 times a day, VERY lightly... Cup your hands together splash the "pool" of water on your face lightly and VERY VERY lightly, rub in a circular motion for about 15 seconds. Then a regular hand towel, tap your face dry DO NOT rub. It'll irritate.
  2. Take the information I provided, and run with it! Don't lose confidence, acne's like the devil... Don't let it overcome you. The more you worry and the more you pick/touch/inflame it, it'll just get worse. Live your life, do what YOU want to do, and dont let it overcome you. Im telling you... The acne will go away. Skin is a crazzzzyyyyy organ, but what all skin has in common is that it WILL heal itself, just allow time to take it's toll. That's ALL it is. For the first 2-3 months of water, my
  3. Ok, ive been a member on this forum for a while. Again, a little about me... Military, been in 3 years now.. never had problem with acne until age 16. I'm 22 now, and im clear and have been clear since a year and a half ago.. It didn't start bad, but as time went on and more pimples popped/picked = got worse. My face was bad, i'll provide pictures at the end of this 'rant.' Ive been in afghanistan this past year and I go home next month. There's time's where im out on patrols that will last 25 d
  4. Yes a simple soap will also reduce redmarks and keep your face clear. All these cleansers with tons of harsh chemicals though "I" believe makes it worse.
  5. I had the same situation. Congratulations if you check out my recent thread. "Before/After" you'll see pictures of before and after water method 400%+ difference.
  6. Yes, as long as you're not rubing it on your face as a facewash.
  7. Here's a pic from today. We were out in the sun so I got a lil red. I still deal with a little bit of pigmentation stuff, but im not worried. Compared to ayear ago, I feel great. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v637/scaletta/IMG_1160.jpg
  8. .JackTheLad. It's possible, but who knows. It was a generic brand that the Army Tricare doesn't cover so I acquired it myself *whistles* NOT RECOMMENDED. LakestonePark, Funny thing is, my face was NEVER oily. I ALWAYS have had dry skin, like cracking dry. It was painful while on accutane, and it's more oily than ever before now? Who knows. I do know, that this regimen doesn't work for everyone, but hey whatever WORKS stay with it. That's all I know. Fedupofadultacne, Right on. See all these c
  9. fedupofadultacne, Thanks very much! When I used any type of exfoliation, the BEST thing I have ever used on my face ONCE a week was the micro dermabrasion kit from Olay, that was probably the ONLY beneficial thing I have ever used when it came to exfoliating. I 100% recommend it to you if you are in dire need of an exfoliate. Once a week sufficed for me. Hope this helps. It's expensive but as I said using it sparingly will last you a good while. Paid 25$ at the local walmart. Well worth it.
  10. NO! Don't even TOUCH your face, even if it's itching. No finger to face contact. Your going to have to let them be, TRUST me lol, would you rather have white dots that will heal, or red inflammed marks that will take about 30x longer to heal? I'll let you choose. It's not like if you pop it, it'll go away and not be noticed, if anything it makes it worse than it is popping it. I know it's hard, but keep busy. If you're not anywhere near a mirror, and you're out physically active, and youre set o
  11. Haha, thanks man. My skin isn't what it was before I had acne, but it's like I said 400% better haha. I can't complain.
  12. TMB, My face got worse the first month. Didn't stop me though, told myself I was just going to drive on. Just like when I'd try a new face wash and at first it'd give me an initial breakout, then after the first month or so it 'supposedly works.' Well same thing goes for plain 'ole water. Any "new" regimen you're going to try about 80% of the time will give an IB, your face is not used to it and will react different, hence a "regimen." As you can tell my acne was very inflammed, my personal reas
  13. 20andoverit, do exactly what you said.. I stopped looking in the mirror every 30 seconds. Stopped touching my face, eventually forgetting about it(took me so long) and it will go away. Acne is just like a rash, you scratch it/touch it it'll get worse and spread. It only makes sense right? It is a sign, all these chemicals people yack on their face it's just ruthless on the skin. acnevsme, thank-you. Redmarks took a good 6 months to fade completely, but I started seeing results after month 2, AF
  14. Okay so I haven't been on here in about 6 months. I just want to keep an update and maybe some motivation/inspiration to yall folks still dealing with 'acne' I still deal with it few zit here and there, but from a year ago to now, it's a 400% better. I've tried Dan's regimen, didn't work. Tried every facewash made it worse. I was on accutane for 6 months, cleared it up a bit, then it came back. So I said "F" it. I started just using water on my face, no harsh chemicals... started drinking lots o
  15. Kinda like my case, drop BP... it made my red marks worse, been on a gentle cleanser(Cetaphil) and Cetaphil mouisturizer(only at night) it's working wonders now... I have got it under control, just now fading marks. Less chemical = Less irritation/acne.\ As far as acne, doesnt seem bad... red marks, your moderate... Dont touch squeeze and pick... Wsh 2 times a day max..