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  1. My acne seems to always have this schedule: breaks out during the weekend, monday-Wednesday its mild but gets better each day, Thursday and Friday my face is almost clear. It repeats this pattern every week. Anyone experience something similar? Why does it do this?
  2. ive been applying lemon juice on my face for the past week now...ive read alot that it is supposed to help but honestly my acne has gotten worse since ive been using it. i have mild acne, and if i could blame any culprit i would say most of it is hormonal, some weeks i will hardly have any acne and the next week i will have a ton of pimples. so everyday this week ive woken up with new pimples, so my question is should i continue the lemon juice or just try something else?
  3. So I've been using this sacyclic cleanser at night everday with a toner for about 2 months now. I haven't noticed a difference really, it doesn't stop breakouts and now I get acne in places I generally didn't before, I'm not sure if that's the cleanser's fault or what. I only cleanse once a day because I have dry skin. I have a lot of colorless bumps on my cheecks I didn't have before, not sure if those are clogged pores. And I get some on my nose which I never got acne on. I also get acne on th
  4. well i wash my face in the morning(around 6:30), when i take my shower obviously(7:00p.m.) and at night at 10pm. do you think the span from 7 to 10 is too soon? should i keep this routine like i have been doing or is this too frequent?
  5. well i kept using it cause the phrase "its gonna get worse before it gets better". it did get worse, i think a few days my skin was good, but only for a day or 2 before it got worse. but i will stop now and see what progress i have for this next month . thanks for the advice
  6. well, i wash my face morning, shower and right before i sleep. my face isnt too oily but when i wash it , it gets real dry and like tight and sometimes peels. sometimes. the majority of my acne is on my chin and cheeks, which i used to never have on my cheeks but i do now ever since ive been using this product and its real bad. i also have these tiny bumps on my chin, a lot, a couple red but most no color, and if you pop one, a string of pus comes out but it will become inflamed. i dont know wha
  7. ok so i've been using this dermalogica cleanser salyclic acid bottle twice a day and this over night gel on my face for about 1.5 months maybe 2, and i can honestly say my acne is much worse now then since i didnt use it. should i stop using the product or do you think it is just a coincidence and i should just keep to it? ever since i've been using the product, ive been getting a lot of acne on my cheeks and redmarks which i rarely had before i used the product.
  8. i was my face morning and night with dermalogica cleaner stuff thats salycylic acid but i dont use a moisturizer cause it makes my face look more oilier but my skin gets dry after i wash it
  9. if you touch my chin, its basically clear. buts its all red, and its been red for a very very long time. i have little bumps that u cant really see but are red and never go away. how do i get rid of this big mess? im so desperate
  10. when i wake up in the morning, i am nervous to look in the mirror to see what new disasters have developed on my face
  11. lol its sad but i avoid looking at the mirror, except the mirror in my bathroom makes me acne look not that bad but like the mirror in my parents room makes my acne look real bad
  12. i kinda have moderate acne, i used to be getting it only on my chin but a lot. now i've been trying this product for about 3 or 4 weeks now and the chin has gotten better, but now im getting a lot of acne on my cheeks, which i never had as bad. what should i do?
  13. i was wondering, i always have this acne type deal on my forehead with alot of really tiny bumps that feel like the size of grains of sand and just tiny but you can see them in the mirror and with a lot you can tell they are there in person. they are a little red like my forehead isnt completely smooth, ya know? it might be cause my hair is long and always on my forehead even though i wear a beanie a lot and it keeps hair out of my forehead. any ideas to make it completely smooth?
  14. maybe its hormonal ...but im a guy so its not like i can take birth control