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  1. Happened a lot quicker, i guess since this is the second time around. About a week in Broke out all over my face except not really visible, smaller pimples. Eyebrows, earlobes, a few inside my ears. Worst was the bass of the nose where it touches your face, both sides had big ones that also really hurt. Hadn't been putting on lotion and face started to peel today. I use bio-oil. Since there was a layer of dry skin, it didn't really absorb when i did. Went to an eye doctor sin
  2. sooobored


    So i got back on accutane again. Its been a little over a year since i finished. Just go back to my first entry or 2 to see why i started. Everything was great for a while. My plan was to get chemical peels which seemed to help before i started accutane, but never quite did the trick. Dually help with the acne and get rid of the hyper-pigmentation. I had issues with the dermatologist and never went through. It was more personal. I met with him before i finished and he sche
  3. Its been about 3 weeks since i finished. Lips are only slightly chapped, I haven't been putting anything on them. Face, i use the cetaphil with moisturized face wash and that's pretty much good enough. Once my face did start to turn white a few weeks ago. For the most part, the moisturizer in the face wash lasts me the entire day. At night, a little bit of lotion helps, but if i'm staying in, I don't bother. Skin in general is still paper thin. It scratches off fairly easil
  4. I should be done by now, but new work schedule, and other work related things. I keep waiting to take a pill until i eat, but i get so busy and forget to eat, or forget to take the pill.....anyways, have 4 days worth left....might take me 2 weeks to get through it. Getting the occasional small pimple...seems to be the day after i forget to moisturize. Just about all the raised scars i had are gone.....just one left that's by my eyebrow and almost not noticeable. Tendinitis in ankle
  5. sooobored

    week 12

    Could've been my last week. I got sick and started on antibiotics. Something fine to mix with accutane, but an hour after taking it i got a migraine. Realized while being sick i didn't nuture my 6 redbull-a-day caffiene addiction. Drank a redbull and the migraine left in 15 minutes. Still freaked me out, so i decided to stop taking the accutane till i'm done. Probably unnecessary, but someone just quit at work and i don't have time to be out of it. Broke out slightly 3 days after i