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  1. What kind of a moisturizing shampoo do you use? Brand name?
  2. natadk

    Great cream for oily skin!

    Great cream for oily skin!

    I used this cream a lot when I was younger - it is especially great for summers when you wish to have a lightweight moisturizer. It gives moisture to your skin without blocking the pores. It goes great under makeup too. I would advise this to people who have oily skin and for combination type when they with a light cream from time to time.
  3. Great for thicker, oily skin

    I bought the brush after hearing so many good things about it. I have acne-prone skin with breakouts and clogged pores and my skin is more of a combination type that can get too dry and flaky if I use harsh products. I had huge hopes for the brush! I started using it two times a week at first, then every other day just following the general guidelines. My skin felt really - really - clean after using the brush! But after using it would get really irritated and my sebum glands started producing r
  4. The trick to oil cleansing is that you have to get rid of oil residue after you are done. Oli will lay on the skin and block your sebum to come out of your pores, so you have to wash it off with a gentle gel or foam cleanser. Good luck!
  5. Wow! I'm thinking about doing an elimination diet from Monday. Dairy, mayonnaise, chocolate, coffee, tomatoes, avocadoes. I suspect these foods make my skin break out. I have stayed away from dairy and coffee for a week now and it has been a huge improvement! Enemy nr. 1 is dairy - my pores get inflamed so quickly just after one latte or a couple of pieces of cheese. Luckily there are some alternatives: I eat soy yoghurt in the mornings and will try vegan cheese tonight. I want to eliminate
  6. I've just started the OCM with jojoba oil - while waiting for the castor and pumpkin seed oils to arrive I have previously had great results with jojoba as moisturiser, so I'm reacting well to it. I have one question: you write, that you moisture your skin before applying oil. I have though read almost everywhere, that it's important to use oil on dry skin. Do you have any comments on that?
  7. I've just tested "severe" skin picker on skin picking site where they offer an online course for those who want to stop. It's based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It costs 240 dollars and lasts for 8 weeks/8 hours of therapy. I'm hesitant whether I should try it - have anyone here tried something like this for their dermatillomania?
  8. I have previously successfully gone through skin picking challenges (25 days and 80 days) on the Skin Pick site but it didn't help in the long run because it didn't solve the psychological problems behind my skin picking . So I won't advise challenges - but rather finding the roots of the issue.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I bought a tangle toy for myself too and yesterday didn't pick on my skin because I had the toy to hold on to My skin picking is much about "cleansing" myself. I want to be perfect - and I won't be perfect with clugged pores... I understand, that my idea of perfection is much about wanting to be loved and accepted... by others and by myself....
  10. Great gel for oilier skin

    I used this one for a few months - it is a powerful gel that gives my skin a fresh look. It is though a bit too drying for my face, but ideal for my back (with backne) because the skin there is thicker.
  11. Clarisonic irritated my skin with all the brush types available. It stripped the skin and irritated it so much, no matter how often or seldom I used it. Now I use Cleanse-a-sonic brush with silicone bristles once or twice a week and it is great! I guess Foreo Luna is the same type brush where the bristles don't irritate the skin too much.
  12. Great challenge! How do you make sure you get the 2 L?
  13. I saw wonderful effect from flaxseed on my nails - with no effect whatsoever on acne....
  14. I'd try to get rid of tomatoes in your diet and see what happens. My skin hates tomatoes and I've also read somewhere, that they can make acne worse. Try to get 30 g fat a day from a good source, because fat is also important for hormone balance.
  15. natadk

    Pregnancy acne

    I have found this on curehunter.com site: "BPO is safe for use in pregnant and lactating females because it is degraded to benzoic acid. " Benzoic acid: A fungistatic compound that is widely used as a food preservative. It is conjugated to GLYCINE in the liver and excreted as hippuric acid.