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  1. stay strong... im sure it will get better with time.. did you have hyperpigmentation your first session?
  2. Thanks for keeping things updated Slee, really appreciate it. btw, did Doctor R. do any combo treatments are has it strictly been only the laser?
  3. wrocky... what would you say your results were % improvement wise? also, how severe was your acne scarring?
  4. hey man awesome details and thanks for putting in the arrows. can you tell us the time frame between the 3 pictures you've taken so far? is the first picture baseline, 2nd, one smartxide treatment number 2 and third photo, after 2nd smartxide treatment? just need clairfication. btw that 3rd picture ur face looks amazing, but i know its probably microswelling depending on the time frame.
  5. stay strong buddy. i started my journey about a month ago and I've only had 1 treatment so far. my scarring is much worse than yours and i would say the results are pretty mild as well. I'm really hoping for the best for you and so far it does look much better. that being said do you have a baseline photo? also, when you get a chance, can you ask what settings the doctor used?
  6. hey no hope sent you a pm about photos.
  7. nah, don't have photos... i've got pretty severe acne scarring soo yeah. i would say improvement so far's been about 20% or so. the colors a lot better but all of my big scars are stil there although i have noticed my very shallow scars filling in... going to probably go in for 2 more Dot treatments at least although the next time i do it i want to do combo Subcision + frac CO2 since it seems to have some positive results when you do the combo treatment.
  8. ...... Anybody? has no one ever done CO2 and then dermarolled after?
  9. hey guys had Smartxide Dot done a few weeks back. anybody know how long to wait before I can start dermarolling?
  10. I completely agree with BlaBlas comments. my PS also tried to knock out a few bigger scars that were really close together which meant that my linear scar was actually going to be quite long. The longer the excision line, the greater the time it will take to heal and you won't like the fact that you have a huge raised scar during the healing period which like i've said in the past can last up to a year. Personally, if I had the chance to do it all over again i would've never gone through wi
  11. I've had excisions before and I had my indentations come back as well. some scars were better but overall i was not happy with the results. Also, depending on how well the surgeon is the linear scar can be visible for a long while and its actually thickens up and raises above the skin for almost nearly a year before it goes away. it is also hard to the touch as well. Definitely not something i would recommend unless u were trying to excise some smaller scars and also even less if you have s
  12. yes, would like to hear your results as well. I almost pulled the trigger on this treatment as well but i ended up going with fractional CO2 instead last week. if you end up having good results with this i very well may switch to fractora.
  13. Hi there, I'm about to do Fractional CO2 and I also have asian skin. I was wondering, did the doctor do the Subcision as your face was still raw from the CO2 resurfacing or was it a bit later?
  14. The better part of a year means that it took about a year..... which means it took about 12 months.