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  1. this is what id be like clear
  2. Hi, I used this about 3 years ago? I bought it from the Clothes Show Live at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. Well i bought the lemongrass face wash anyway. From what i seem to remember it cleared me up amazingly like within 2 days but then after about a week or 2 weeks i started breaking out majorly. 3 years ago i was only 14, didn't have much confidence in myself or any sticking power, so got upset and gave up. Maybe the breakout was the "purging" that many products seem
  3. ok i am starting this regimen today, I have bought 1kg of Saxa Coarse Sea Salt it says it's completely unrefined, natural, no additives etc so should be ok. I am going to do as follows: - Have a salt bath once a day. I get bit of acne on chest not much though, get eczema on back, hopefully it will help that aswell? - main acne problem is on my face, i am either just going to keep rinsing my face with salt water, or use cotton wool dabbed in the salt water, i havent decided I will update with m
  4. ok i have found a website in the UK that sells the Celtic sea salt which is supposed to be completely natural........expensive tho :sclick here
  5. I always thought either the sun or the sea cleared my acne. Whenever i go on holiday and go in the sea it clears up, even when there's no sun (I'm from England), so I'm thinking it probably is more to do with sea salt. My spots just all dried up and my skin was really smooth. Does anyone know where I can get proper unrefined sea salt in England? Thanks xx
  6. has any1 heard of this? it sounds v. smiliar to dermablend but cheaper! another q; i am trying to find a dermablend sample pack, there are none on ebay and i cant find a site on google. i am from the UK. does anyone know where i can get one? thanks xxxxxx
  7. in some studies triclosan has been found to cause cancer. here in Uk shops like tescos have removed their own brand soap cleansers with triclosan in
  8. hi i just ordered the soap yesterday along with the repair serum hopefully this might do some good to scars.i also got the baby bee starter kit as i have a bit of eczema. im from UK, i got mine off ebay. any1 from UK who cant find it anywhere go on ebay.com, the american site and search. there are loooooads of people willing to ship 2 UK. if it says they only ship to US, just email them n ask them, most of the time they will say yes. shipping isnt ridiculous for some peeps either... the dude i
  9. im using the dove soap on my face its makin my skin soft and smoth. only beein using it 3 days so cant tell about spots yet. will update
  10. im from uk and i cant find this soap ANYWHERE ive done google n yahoo zillions of times, only US sites sell it for 30 dollars shipping or something stupid. and all UK sites selling burts bees dont sell this product!apart from hqhair.com, but they sold out i also tried ebay, no joy either any1 know where i can get it?
  11. kathryn


    hi guys, im on diannete (again). i did one 6 month course and the course finished at the end of october 2004. dont expect miracles over night - i didnt get clear till august 2004. i remained clear until january this year. i believe this to be because i didnt have a period for 3 months (after i stopped taking dianette) until january. after i had my period, things started going down hill again. so im takin dianette again i have just started my 3rd month, if anything my skin is worse but i expect
  12. hi thanks for the reply. its good u have so=uch an understanding doctor.... so he just referred u like that ir did u have 2 nag him to refer you? im going to make an appointment tomorrow i think
  13. i have had acne since i was 11 i am now 16, well, nearly 17 infact. i do not believe my acne has ever been severe but i would describe it was moderate a lot of the time. my spots leave red marks and some i would say 20% leave scars that are raised or indented. i get acne on my face back chest upper arms and occassionally on my thighs i have tried lots of otc stuff and birth control pills from the doctor. some bc pills have cleared me to a certain extent but never fully, and it just comes back a
  14. evryday. life's a bitch. n we still dont look good
  15. has anyone tried any of these foundations from clinique: 1)superbalanced foundation 2) superfit foundation 3)stay-true foundation 3) almost there makeup any replies would b appreciated good or bad