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  1. thanks guys. But i did some research and it seems that retin-A and retinol seems 2 have some pretty intense side effects e.g drying and flaking of the skin. I jus kinda wanted sumkind of regimen. I heard sumfing about dilute lemon and vinegar for scarring but um not sure about it too much. Is there any other regimen for that or preventing further spots? Thanks for the replies and i hoped u had a great new year!
  2. Happy New Year peeps! jus a quick post to ask about how i could prevent my acne from coming back since im nearly finished my accutane journey... wEeee! i've been on 70mg for about 5 and a half months now. my face is cleared up in terms of actual spots but i do have alot of lil circle like red pigmentation from where the old spots used 2 be and a couple of minor indented scars. Any advice on what i could take 2 prevent spot breakouts when i stop taking accutane and mayb reduce the scarring and r
  3. Hey peeps, jus wanted some suggestions or advice on treatments for ance scarring. Im pretty much nearly finished my accutane treatment (70mg for 6months). The good fing is that i havent actually got an actual active spot in a long time or wen i do, they are small and disappear the next day or so. But since i've had acne for about 5 years now (im now 21... well turnin on jan 5th, w00) i have a quite a few red dotted patches on my face and slight indents. i jus wondered what treatment is best for