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  1. Acne is temporary for the lucky. Most folks here are not part of that privileged group.
  2. Six weeks is not enough time to really judge its effectiveness, most doctors and pharmacists will tell you that results will begin to be apparent after 2-3 months.
  3. Most likely whatever they envision when you say it up front isn't as bad as the reality, so that helps.
  4. A few years ago when I was still doing the computer dating thing, I got tired of Craigslist ads that were just itemized checklists from women who seemed to think they could order the perfect, tailored man over the internet. So I drafted a reply (which was perhaps a bit too angry in its tone...) stating quite straight-forwardly that I was NOT their ideal, perfect, made to order man. I made a specific point of noting: "Yes ladies, I have bad skin, and while I'm not terribly happy about it myself
  5. I notice a frequent complaint is that the doctor stays with you for "Less than 10 minutes." While I too am sometimes annoyed at this, it might be worth giving a dermatologist a little slack because they DO have other patients to see, many of whom are probably on a tight schedule and can't afford to be left hanging around the waiting room. I know some dermatologists really are just rude and discompassionate, but sometimes others are just plain busy. They're doctors, after all, so don't always ta
  6. I feel particularly guilty lately because all of my coworkers are breaking out like mad and I'm taking secret pleasure in it, which is rather cruel. In the past it was always the opposite; my skin looked awful and everyone I worked with was gorgeous, but lately my skin has improved a bit and everyone else's has gone to hell. I would be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it a little.
  7. Well, in nine cases out of ten the person you're meeting has something that they feel horribly self-conscious about as well and are just frenzied with worry. You may run into someone who judges you poorly for having bad skin, but ya know, that's true wherever you go.
  8. Sorry, wish I could help but I've never tried the "OCM", I don't put much stock in that sort of holistic kitchen cabinet-style medicine. It could be that you're breaking out because of the oils, or it could be that this is just the inevitable next step of the breakout that pushed you to try OCM in the first place.
  9. Hm, conventional wisdom says that tea is one of those things that aggravates acne. Although personally I've never believed acne is much tied to your diet at all.
  10. Well dark_eyes, if what you have is really cystic acne then it's no wonder Retin-A didn't help, that sort of thing is most effective against surface zits. Your doc is right, antibiotics are the most effective way to deal with that sort of serious acne problem. Doxy is a fairly mild, commonly used drug, and lots of people have been prescribed it. In most cases, it really works, and the side effects are generally not that bad (although this of course varies from person to person). It's true that a
  11. Uh, maybe it's just the picture but your eyes look fine to me. If you're really having a problem with it and it's really because of the meds, the answer is to stop taking them; in almost all cases side effects will clear up when the medicine is discontinued, although in some troublesome instances it can take a surprisingly long time (as much as a year) to go away.
  12. Hm, so is anyone else like me debating whether it's really easy for people to "Look past" acne or whether that's only easy for people with skin problems? \
  13. I'm in San Francisco and I give my doc a 10, easily. I never understand people on this board who say they hate their dermatologist; why on earth would you keep being treated by someone you can't stand and probably have little faith in? I guess if you live in a small town and there might only be one practicing derm nearby, then you might be stuck, but I would imagine most of us have at least a few options.