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  1. thanks for all ur posts..i'm on RAM .01%, acanya, and 100mg Doxy 1x a day....week 3 for me but only 7 days on doxy; i feel your pain! my skin is still breaking out & 3-6 months is soo long to wait; everyday is a battle to face the world and not want to hide out at home, but i do feel better once i'm out and not at home obsessing about my face...i also try to look at myself as little/or none at all in a mirror while away from home because i dont get as upset about my face that way and can for
  2. why are products stinging my skin? is it the RAM irritation? it goes away after awhile but i'm tired of buying products that just sting my face gonna give Cerave am lotion a shot and return if it does it too
  3. thats my struggle! i will be clear and pretty and then pimples everywhere and ruined skin in 2 weeks time! so shitty!
  4. I'm at 100mg 1x a day of doxy...been only 3 or 4 days; i pray it stops the painful/inflamed pimples from forming that leavePIH in their wake-bloody hell!! so sick of it...i'm about to turn 31 and i'm breaking out worse than ever! only a month ago my skin was clear! wtf?! my face always breaks out so randomly but badly
  5. RAM .1% has definitely made me less oily-thank God! i am only on week 2;day 12 and still breaking out but i get hope from the others experiences and i have faith that i will be clear by New Years!!!maybe before
  6. i like that it makes my skin and pimples peel off ...anyone think the tube has gotten smaller? it looks smaller to me from when i used it 5 yrs ago...but again a pea sized amount does work for me
  7. i know! i'm at 12 days on the acanya & retin-a micro; some spots cleared up while now other places are breaking out for me...yeah it does say 3-4months to see optimum results so dont give up! you've gone this far...skin is purging itself and will eventually stop but yeah for now it is very depressing for me too and stressful...i dont want to go anywhere unless i have to-work/school...just think by the new year ur skin will look much better
  8. i have begun to peel...i guess i like that i do initially because i feel it peels the pimples off...so some areas have healed and no longer breaking out but now other spots are breaking out like my forehead/temples/upper left cheek....ugh! IB i suppose...i keep telling myself my skin will clear and be beautiful to be patient its only been 12 days on the prescriptions.
  9. go to .1% thats what i use and i used in the past and it really worked; on day 11 myself and i still have pimples, but they seem to heal quicker and my overall skin looks more supple/healthy; can't wait till my whole face looks clear & smooth...my derm wanted me to start on .04 but i said no give my the higher dose...1% is where its at
  10. for some weird reason i dont scar-thank god! i just get post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation; the acanya & retin-a micro seem to be working for me just very slowly! ...i can relate to feeling obsessed with ur skin and all the shame/negative feelings that go along with having acne-its tough; dont want to date looking this way or hang out with anyone because i feel so embarrassed by this condition and makeup doesnt do much-i hate wearing it i just refuse to go out with red bumps; i just want t
  11. my derm reccomended Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 sunscreen made specifically for acne prone skin...kinda pricey so i haven't bought it yet but they have it on amazon the samples i tried were really nice
  12. PH balanced is between 4-6; 7 is neutral being water; i know dermalogica products are all ph balanced because im in esthetic school(facials, etc) and the rep just came this week and she told us that and tested all of them just to show us with ph strips pretty cool
  13. i totally agree with the above...i refuse to take oral ABs and i am only using topical form for a few months to allow the acne to get under control and then start up with Dans BP and the retin-a at night; evening primrose oil amongst other supplementation are awesome for adult acne-and i take a whole gamete of vitamins/supplements now & no more caffeine, trying hard to break my sugar addiction as well; i am also going to an endocrinologist for a thorough checkup on my hormones
  14. so i've been using .1% for 1 week and i am not really peeling much at all...i was on it like 6-7 yrs ago and did peel when i started it; is it not working because i used it in the past? does it take time to peel; worried that i wont see results if im not dry/peeling initially. Please help me
  15. i keep mine in the bathroom cabinet...its fine at room temp