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  1. OMG. The Brisbane v Central Coast Grand Final was the best A-league game i've ever seen! Tell me u saw it, it was incredible! Great comeback from Brissie.

    1. DireStraits

      back at uni

      Im back at uni for my last year fingers crossed. University life has overall been terrible for me mainly because ive done so poor in my subjects. This will be the hardest year i will face and i've gotta face up to the challenge otherwise it could be an extra semester after this year. I dont even want to think about it. Anyway i wanna stop coming on here because its such a time waster and ive gotta knuckle down with my studies.
    2. (got cut off) shes at least 3 years older than me. It really hit me last Friday though but im sorta getting over her now. I've got uni to concentrate on, im going back next week...yay! Not.

      1. Hey! We didn't qualify for the finals series, we suck. Although we've got the asian champions league to look forward to. I saw Djulbic's header knock out Melbourne, good to see! Nah the girl didn't get back to me, its safe to say after a weeks waiting i wont get any call. Maybe i wasnt good looking enough for her? Or she may have though i was a bit young for her, shes at le

        1. DireStraits

          Valentines day

          Yeah, practice makes perfect. Just 2 weeks ago I went outside and decided I will stop 10 random women and ask some random stuff and see how and where the conversation goes. (like the text below suggests it). I stopped only 3 women, because it was cold outside and I think I made a friend, nothing romantic involved, we already set the boundaries, just somebody to talk to.You are right, no worse thing than "what if..."10. REJECTION PRACTICEInstead of trying to get a date or phone number make it you
        2. replied to your post dude, thanks.

          1. DireStraits

            Valentines day

            Hey bro i appreciate the comment lol.I never knew anyone was reading this shit hahaha.Sorry, i should have replied sooner dude my bad. Here goes my situation.Yeah it took a lot of balls, i mean a lot. But i mustered it up through going out frequently on weekends and talking to girls and if i got rejected i didn't care, it was more for the experience lol.Anyway, it was literally my last day of work on Valentines day (i told her this as well) so i went all out and explained how i felt towards her.
          2. DireStraits

            Sinking in

            Well first of all ill mention im pretty pissed off cause i got rejected from getting into this club tonight so its about 10.30pm and im back at home pretty early. Apparently my 'sport shoes' weren't allowed after 6pm. I was wearing Air Force Ones FFS, its not like they were runners. Well at least they were consistent about it and did the same to a bunch of other guys. One girl from my group who already got let in tried to help me get back in because usually if your with a chick theres a better c
          3. Help me with my red/brown marks dude.

            1. DireStraits

              Valentines day

              So its valentines day today and i had a special gift for that special someone in mind. I have a thing for this girl i deliver mail to every morning and i bought a rose for her. I gave it to her and she was blushing big time. I told her exactly how i felt since i really liked her and she was speechless. I gave her my number on a small strip of paper and now i just have to wait for her call, thats if she does call. I hope she doesn't play games with me as in calling me 2 or 3 days after, i hate
            2. Btw you're probably doing those people a good service knocking the shit out of them cause they might end up doing stupid shit like treating their scars by themselves and in turn making them worse (when it wasnt bad in the first place) which fkn happens all the time in the scars forum. So carry on buddy.

              1. Dude you are a fkn legend. I love how your posts man, telling people to man up about a few minor scars. Its unbelievable the threads i read on that scar forum of people complaining about non noticeable scarring. My beef is mainly with the guys here who do this not so much the girls lol. Keep up the good work.

                1. Yep im serious. The guy was a machine back in high school. He was physically dominant and didnt need to do much to get past an opponent, except use his body lol. We all knew he'd end up pro eventually.

                  Btw Happy Strayla Day! Asia Cup final awaits.

                  1. google interval training :P

                    1. through to Asia cup semis. Fk yea!