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  1. My forehead looks very similiar to yours and I've been needling/dermarolling it for over 2 years now and it doesn't seem to be improving whether I get really aggressive with the treatment or go light and frequent. Still the same. But with that said I don't know if any other treatments would do anything or not either. Better to try it than to not try it though, maybe you'll have better luck than me.
  2. I dont get it I apply lugols iodine to my arm or leg everyday anyways just for absorption, and never once has it done anything at all, no swelling, no scabbing, nothing. I don't see why this would be any different on a scar.
  3. All I know is the derma roller caused a lot of damage to perfectly healthy skin and now I feel like I need to have a laser just to repair the dermarolling damage (not even worried about scars anymore). And in the back of my mind I'm even reluctant to do that because I'm at the point of not wanting to risk sny more damage to my skin from anything else such as a powerful laser
  4. I find it curious that your name is Dermal Stamp since September 08, and here you are saying youre just about to start using a dermal stamp? Do you sell them or what? And yeah I have done frequent but less invasive treatments with rolling.
  5. Permanent pigmentation problems. I used to look EXCELLENT with a tan, but now I can't even get a tan on my face anymore, I just get a flushed red look on my face when I get sun no matter how much I get, and it looks rather weird, even 3-4 years after. Most scars remain the same though there was a small improvement in some.
  6. And btw my experience was even with using vitamin c serums, retin-a and super cp serums. Also, haven't had any lasers for atleast 2 years prior to starting dermarolling.
  7. Same. I've dermarolled and needled over 30 times over the past 2 years and my face looks much much worse, I have more scars than when I started, they are in crazier and more dramatic looking shapes (which makes them more noticeable, and more unnatural looking), and in a way the texture of my skin has degraded down to the level of a burn victim. Though I did several laser treatments in the past that may have contributed to this as texture as well. One of my scars has morphed into a huge line
  8. Yeah I applied large doses of vitamin c and aloe vera gel daily. Also taking atleast 6grams of vitamin c a day, among various juices and good eating. Also I do have LED's, and have been using them on and off with just about no visisble results from doing so. Most of my healthy skin now looks damaged and uneven. Heres to hoping they even out!
  9. I think this person makes a good point which relates to my bad experience.
  10. Been dermarolling for nearly a year using a 1.5mm roller, every 5-7 weeks. The last time I did it was 3 weeks ago, and................ I've come to the conclusion that although it has helped in some ways, it's also messed up my face. Some scars look better and more filled in. yet overall my face looks more jacked. Seemed like it was working well for first several months. Then it just as a whole declined for the worse. Pigmentation seems off in some areas, there appears to be several new scars
  11. How far would you have to travel to reach dr. khan and how much do his procedures cost? Ive heard so much about him that I'm tempted to do the same considering it seems no Dr.s here in the states knows jack squat about these procedures.
  12. Dermaroller caused me to have uneven skin all over, and its like I was at a tanning bed with white around my eyes and red everywhere else, and that doesnt seem to go away so far, even months after a dermaroll it looks weird.
  13. I cant believe the fear mongering in this thread. "sun beams instantly destroy collagen!!!" We need vitamin D. Wearing max strength sunblock for 15 minutes of sun is counterproductive and will keep your skin from producing vitamin d. Your skin will also absorb all the retarded chemicals in the sunblock, counterproductive people. Wear no sun block for 10-20 minutes in the sun everyday and you'll have good results such as myself.
  14. When I dermaroll with a 1.5mm, my face looks WAY terrible for +1 week, then from 1 week in untill 2 weeks after my face still looks pretty beat up and red. At +2 weeks it looks okay.
  15. We should all be happy that we have scars. Just another random feature that makes us unique. This thread is for all of us to be able to take a second and reflect upon the positives of having scars. I'm positive that I probobly had/have worse scars than anyone reading this. I'll start. I look like a total badass evil, evil man. Before scars when people used to see me their jaws would drop because I was just so sexy. Now they stare because either they just can't look away or because they're scar