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  1. We all know how miserable & depressing acne is... it's something everybody on this forum's struggling (or struggled) with. But what I wanna know is; What are YOU thankful for?? Me, I'm thankful for my family... and their unconditional love & support. No matter what I may look like... they see me & love me for who I am. And I'm thankful for the blessings in my life. Some of the things I take for granted sometimes... a roof over my head, food to eat, and a beautiful world. But abo
  2. I'd break out into a chorus of HALLELUJAH's!!! And I believe a happy dance would be in order...
  3. Well 1st things 1st, welcome. Yeah, definitely! I've had some VERY severe acne... it runs in the family, and it seems a LOT worse than any body else's I've seen. Which sucks, point of fact. I still have problems with acne, and of course all the scarring & red purplish marks. But I've learned to deal with it, & accept it, for the most part... I don't have to tell you how tough that is. And I've learned to (atleast try to) see the beauty in myself. I DO believe going through this can m
  4. Hilarious... You KNOW you have acne if you can relate to above posts and truly enjoyed reading this thread. LOL!
  5. Thanks, EddieE... Chocolate milk sounds really good. Yum... I'll definitely have to look into cocoa powders and dark chocolates soon.
  6. I feel for you... and I 2nd your post. :boohoo: Amazing, isn't it, how much people can bear... we acne suffers have got to be some of the toughest people on earth. Seriously. :hifive:
  7. I can understand why you don't want to leave your house any more... appearing in public during a bad break out is not the funnest thing in the world. But don't let it become a habit... don't isolate yourself from the world for very long. For the most part, people will not comment on your skin. People don't usually obsess over some one else's appearance. A few might, and those comments will really hurt, but you can't let that stop you from life. When running errands, shopping, etc... just remembe
  8. Oh I don't know... I've heard that you shouldn't touch your face, which is probably good advice, seeing as it just transmits bacteria from your hands & fingers to your face. But I do pop my zits. As you said: "Sometimes I have these huge ones and I can't walk on the street when they are on my face." I just try and go about it as hygienically as possible. When you need to pop a zit, make sure you wash your hands first. Try and get as much pus out of the zit as possible. If it bleeds, stop. U
  9. That's interesting! I was wondering about ways to sweeten dark chocolate, as I've heard it's very bitter.
  10. Well first of all, welcome to this forum. It's nice that your Mom is eager to help, although I can understand your feelings. Is skepticism bad? I wouldn't say so... after all, you can't believe everything. If you have acne, chances are you've already given up on any 'miracle cure'. You've seen, heard, & tried just about every 'solution' under the sun. And yet, you still have acne. I think you have every reason to be skeptical, what with all the ads, remedies, treatments, and products out
  11. clc111, good point... thank you. I don't know if it's a matter of hormones or allergies. I would guess hormones. But I don't know... so goat milk might not solve my problem. Hmm... gMARIAs & QuirkyPixy, I don't recall having actually tried pure dark chocolate... I should give it a try. I wonder if it'd be as satisfying as a milk chocolate candy bar... lol!
  12. It's good that you have cleared up now, and I hope your acne does not come back. Acne is strange in how it effects different people at different times in their lives and for different periods and lengths of time. But you are extremely fortunate in having only had acne for 5 months... most on this message board have suffered with acne for years. I would say that your skin should be able to heal very well. :) Focus on the life ahead of you and put those 5 months behind you. Best of luck to you.
  13. Lol. Well if you don't mind my saying, I don't think the original poster's question is so absurd. Can you blame him for being skeptical about this? He's got a point... most people that suffered severe acne now suffer severe scarring as well. Dan does have a pretty flawless complexion as far as I can tell. Maybe this regimen of his really does do wonders. Time does heal... & acne scarring varies. But don't forget there's also such things as make up & photo editing, which is commonplace.
  14. I appreciate you all putting your thoughts here... I haven't tried any other alternatives to dairy yet except for this one soy milk so help is appreciated. Nobody's mentioned goats milk yet, and I wonder if anyone has tried it? Seeing as it comes from an animal as opposed to grains, etc... I would guess that it would be somewhat similar in taste, thickness, & texture to cow's milk. I know they make cheese from goats milk...
  15. Hi all, this is my first time posting in the Nutrition & Holistic Health forum, so hopefully this topic is in the right place. Recently I decided to stop dairy products to see if it would help with my acne. Except for a little butter & cheese I have stopped consuming dairy altogether. I have also stopped eating chocolate... (I do miss those reeses' & snicker bars though! Lol. ) And I have noticed significant improvement... my acne seems to have lessened considerably since. However d
  16. Awesome. Everyone, your posts have been very helpful... I appreciate you all taking the time to reply, and giving me recommendations as to products I should try. I've been looking them over... Thanks so much every one!
  17. True... after you're clear, the emotional and physical scars still remain. It's a difficult journey. I agree, Acne.org is wonderful... and I'm glad I've joined this forum. It's helped a lot. Good post, thanks for sharing your experiences! Congrats on your success thus far and I hope your journey keeps getting better. Best wishes, -HomeBoundGypsy
  18. HelloItsMe, I can understand how you feel. But I'm sure that once you recover from acne your self esteem will skyrocket. :boogie: That's the way it is with me when I have one of my 'clear' days. You can be confident with acne, but it can be really tough. Lol, Vanzzzz. :lol: No is accepted as well... it's good to see variety in polls. So far, there are around 25 yes'es to 1 no. Thanks for sharing your experiences... I had never heard of Miss Kubler Ross' theory. I think I'v
  19. Hi all. Well, this is my first post here in the cosmetics' forum... I'm sure many before me have asked this same question but I'm not sure where to find those threads. So I need to ask what make up you have found covers acne the best in the daytime, and in bright lights? And also, what have you found works best in dim lighting? If you could give me tips on applying, that'd help too. I have severe acne... large swelled lumps on several parts of my face, & smaller zits as well. I also have sca
  20. I think most would say 'Too many things to list'. I'd say it holds me back from social interactions at times. I worry that people are staring at my acne, especially in bright light. Um... I avoid people in general when my face is at it's worst. Other than that, it doesn't stop me from too much I guess.
  21. I know... acne can be overwhelming. I think that's the main reason most of us are even on this forum, we're frustrated, we just can't take it anymore, & we're seeking support. Try & keep your chin up... hold on. Believe it or not, there's so much to live for. And of course, those of us here at acne.org are always here for you. I can relate to what you're both saying... and 'More than just a Face', I think that's the way most people feel. This thread has received such a good r
  22. You know, I've thought about that... an acne.org message board convention. Man, that'd be awesome! Where you can actually meet the people you've seen & been talking to online. Okay, so it might not be such a good idea, meeting up with strangers from the internet, lol. But it'd sure be neat. So they've actually been planning such a convention? And yes, wouldn't it be something if people met at the convention & actually got romantic relationships started. Lol! Not so unbelievable thoug
  23. It sounds good! Lol, I want to find out more about it. So what is it?? Sounds like it's a topical cream? What cleanser or other steps do you use with / for it?
  24. Depression can be very severe and has incredible effects on people's lives. Man, I'm sorry that you've been going through all this... it's good that you've been feeling better lately though. Good luck with a new job... & I hope that things continue to improve for you. Stay hopeful, and never give up.
  25. I agree. Almost everybody wants & tries to look like somebody else. "I wish I had their hair", or "their eyes", "their skin", etc... the list is endless. We want to look like the models on TV and in magazines. We're chasing a standard we can't reach because of several reasons. 1), Every movie and magazine is edited. They do major computer / technology touch ups on the face and body of models and celebrities. In other words, they cheat. 2), Generally speaking, NO two people look alike... so i