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  1. Hmm... Thanks, I think I might as well try Quinoderm, if it's similar enough to Oxy. Went browsing on Quinoderm's site and found something to shed a little light on the matter, too! I'm guessing they're talking about benzoyl peroxide, there! Hope I can find a local pharmacy that has it, then!
  2. Hadn't bought any in ages and just ran out of a bottle that expired about half a year ago(!). Boots don't stock it anymore, and the pharmacist at Lloyds told me it'd been discontinued. Pretty hard to believe, seeing as how I felt it was amazing. Been using the 5% or 10% benzoyl peroxide creams for 15 years, and they worked so well I'd never thought about trying anything else. Now that I have to; well, I don't even know what else is out there! Lloyds' pharmacist recommended Quinoderm to m
  3. Thanks for the responses, peeps! I think I will stop being a wuss and just give it a go. I can always stop if it doesn't work out, after all. I've actually heard, both from my sunflower-using friend and from checking online, that the real premier oil for your hair is coconut oil. Unfortunately, it's a little on the expensive side compared to stuff like sunflower, vegetable or olive oil, so that's why she recommended I try sunflower as a cheap alternative first, as it works fine for her.
  4. A friend of mine has really pretty, healthy-looking hair, and my dried out mop needs some love and attention (not to mention my scalp), so I asked her about her hair regimen. Like me, she just uses a simple, non-harsh shampoo (Head & Shoulders Classic Clean for me, Tesco Value store brand for her). The bit where it gets interesting is her "pre-conditioner": she massages sunflower oil into her scalp and hair and then rinses it off before shampooing (3 times a week). So I thought, "hey, why
  5. OK, thanks for the responses! I guess I might try going up to 2g some time, then, seeing as how 1g isn't really doing much for me (acne's been behaving slightly, but pores are still the same size, skin is as oily as ever). I'll get capsules with a higher dosage of omega-3, so I don't have to take so many. Next up, I guess I'll give zinc a try. I've been hearing good things about that.
  6. My main problem is not acne, but oily skin. I've heard some people have had good results with fish oil, so I bought myself a bottle of capsules from Holland & Barrett (reputable UK chain). I've been taking them for about a month and haven't really noticed any difference, but that's probably because I'm possibly taking a low dose. Here's the stats:- 1000mg fish oil softgel capsules 300mg omega-3 (EPA and DHA in fairly equal quantities) 0.74mg vitamin E (α-TE) Currently, I'm taking 3 capsul