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Picture Comments posted by MissPiggy

  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am on a low dosage too - 35mg, and my Derm says that a low dosage is as effective, but can just take longer. She has also just prescribed me Dalacin T antibiotic lotion to help with my breakouts, so keeping fingers crossed. I just want my skin to be clear so I can come off the tablets and then hopefully the hyperpigmentation all over my cheeks will clear too.

    Good luck for the future

    It really depends on the derm and other factors like taking into account scarring etc. But I wish I didn't have to suffer all the symptoms for 12 months!

    Your hyperpigmentation WILL GO AWAY believe me! I don't actually have any at the moment (I'm still using a topical Isotrex). The only thing left is just redness and scarring...but I don't mind because I'm sure they will go away soon enough :D

    Goodluck and keep us updated on your progress xxxx

  2. Hi

    Your skin is looking great :D) You cant see any marks or spots left.

    Can I ask when you stopped breaking out. I have just finished month 7 and still getting breakouts. I currently have a few inflamed next to my nose, and another 10 or so little ones. I am starting to lose hope!

    Thank you! I'm a bit red from where all the healing is though...but the cysts are gone!

    I didn't stop breaking out until the 11 1/2th month!!!! I was on the course of 40/mg/day for 12 months :D My derm wasn't very good and he put me on a really low dose for 10 months which is why it dragged on.

    Don't lose hope! I know what it's like where you really just can't be bothered anymore...but I'm telling you, I'd rather have a face full of scars and redness than cysts under my skin. My skin is so smooth to touch it's really weird - when I feel my face I freak out at how smooth it is lol

    Good luck and hang in there!!

  3. Oh dear...I do have lots of scars...lots and lots of them...

    But I'm a bit meh about it because I have massive pores anyway.

    And my skin has been going a bit backwards in the past few weeks with cystic spots everywhere. NM - I'll just wait it out :D