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  1. I experienced exactly the same thing! I was clear by like Month 5 or 6 I think then BAM my acne came back Month 7....had to continue the course for 12 months!

    Then after the 12th month, I was still getting acne 3 months after....

    THEN it just cleared....like completely cleared....I have no spots, no pigmentation, no blackheads, no whiteheads - NOTHING. My skin is as smooth as porcelain (albeit healing parts of my skin where there's redness and the scarring).

    Don't despair - the Roac, even after you've stopped taking it, continues to work. Has your derm prescribed you any topicals to take? I take Isotrex once a week (sometimes I forget hehehe). But derm basically says it's the liquid form of Roac....but since my skin is about 1000000000x better now, I don't even worry about taking it.

    Give it time. Trust in the magical drug that is Roaccutane.

  2. Thanks for the yoga suggestion Killionaire!

    I'm going to start yoga soon-ish (once I get my viniyoga dvd from amazon). I've just done 3 x 45 min interval cycling sessions in the last 3 days and mannnnnnnn my legs and hips are in a lot of pain :(

    And I totally agree with you how some days are better than others. Just wish I'd stop feeling like I'm 60 with rheumatism :(

  3. Thank you to everyone!! All your posts have been useful!

    My GP is an idiot - he has no idea what I'm talking about and thinks my joint pains are in no relation to Roac. I should have been worried in my consultation because he had to look up the effects of Roaccutane....

    I am booked in for an xray tomorrow and will take that to a Chiro and let them know about my experience with Roac as well.

    Thanks again to everyone!! Acne.org - I love you :)

    I seriously think the collective information we have here on Roac and its effects should be taught to GPs - bec frankly there's too many of them out there that have no clue :(

  4. Hi All,

    I've been off Roaccutane for about 3.5 months now and I'm absolutely ecstatic about the results. I was on Roaccutane for 11.5 months and the joint pain was HELL.

    Now I've been off it, I've been back to my gym routine (running, cycling, pump class etc) and the joint pains are still there. The pain is not as bad as when I was on Roac.

    I spoke to my GP and he's sending me in for an X-Ray for my lower back - as the pain is really awful. Might just be some friction between my disks but the pain is in the L4/L5 region....

    Today I ran on the treadmill for 20 mins on 10 km/h speed and my hip is killing me!!!! I feel like a 24yr old stuck in a 60yr old's deteriorating body :(

    Has anyone had any experience of continued joint pains POST-Roac? How long did it take for the joint pains to go away? Should I be taking supplements? What should I be telling my GP - my GP doesn't give a %$^& that I've been on Roac for 12 months (maybe I should go to another GP...).

  5. POLL: how long did you have acne before getting on accutane, & do you regret not getting on it sooner?

    I had mine for 2 years and suffered things like these from my family and landlord:

    "What's happened to your skin?"

    "Wow...you've gotten ugly" (Yes I'm not paraphrasing, those were their words)

    "Your skin is like that because you're not eating right"

    "You need to lose weight because you got fat and that's why your skin is like that"

    "You can't go out, your face is soooo bad"

    (It's ok, I'm disowning my so called family soon and I got rid of the landlord)

    I also spent about $2000 on dermabrasion, chemical peels, green peels, facials, topicals etc before Roac. I've been on Roac for 11 months (I know!!!) and I've only spent a total of $55.00 for 11 months' worth of Roac.

    So yes, HELL YES.

  6. When I first started Roac 11 months ago I weighed 61kg and I was put on 40mg/day for about 9 months. The first 6 months I was taking 40mg/day and I knew this was too low because although my acne had slightly cleared, the acne that was coming back weren't big pus-filled ones, they were big massive cysts.

    Don't do this lol, but I upped my own dose to 60mg/day for 2 months. One month before I saw my derm I'd go down to 40mg/day. He said that one of the reasons he didn't want to up my dose was because whilst on Roac I had been losing weight (due to avoidance of certain foods because of IBS). I started weighing at 61kg but by the 6th month I weighed 57kg.

    Then on my 9th month, my derm wasn't noticing any difference (which is what I've been telling previously but he refused to listen), he finally upped my dose to 60mg/day.

    It was only when I started taking 60mg/day that my acne did really clear up. But I wish my derm did that at the beginning because it would have taken my 6 months on Roac rather than 11.

    Yes unfortunately for me, I have been put through hell by my ignorant derm for 11 months. I'v searched this whole site for anyone that went longer than 6 months on Roac and I must be the only one.

    My advice is (what I should have done earlier) is to try and get your GP to recommend you a different dermatologist. Because they really are all different. Some are too scared to put you on a higher dose straight away due to a myriad of reasons. It is assessed individually obviously but if your dermatologist is good, he will listen to your own observations (noone knows your skin better than you do of course!) and will help you achieve better skin at a shorter amount of time.

    Goodluck with your course!

  7. That's very sweet and positive of you.

    Good luck with your course. I just finished my 8th month on 40mg/day (I'm 60kg and 161cms tall) and about to go onto my 9th. My acne is NOT going away. It cleared for me for Month 6 and 7 then BAM cysts were back on the 8th month. And they're back BIGGER AND MORE PAINFUL and in places they were never there in the first place. And my derm basically said to me that I'm doomed for life and I'll never be clear.

    If I'm relapsing now whilst I'm on Roaccutane, I don't want to imagine what my future is like after I finish at the end of my 9th month :(

    So yeh, not optimistic. Even my derm has confirmed that I'll never be clear :(

    Hope you have better luck than me!

  8. Yeh my derm is an a-hole. He really is. I pay him $100.00 everytime I see him and he tells me there's nothing else he can do for me and that when I get older it will go away then. He is pretty incompetent. He said to me that I SHOULD be keeping in track of how many 'boxes' of Roaccutane I've been taking. Well, you're the doctor, YOU should have kept in track.

    Anyways, that keeps the hope alive at least I suppose...I'll just have to wait it out I suppose :(

  9. I'm a little depressed...

    8 month treatment on Roac 40/mg a day (I'm 60kg and 161cm) and everything was clearing out fine until the beginning of this week when suddenly, it felt like I was on my 2nd week of Roac again. I have 5 cysts on my face which freaken kills. And got cysts on my arm! I never even had cysts there to begin with.

    What shall I do. My derm is stopping my course after the 9th month, because in his words "We can't go on Roaccutane forever...you won't ever be clear..."

    Any advice?

    Am I doomed to be ugly for life? :(

  10. I'm a little depressed...

    8 month treatment on Roac 40/mg a day (I'm 60kg and 161cm) and everything was clearing out fine until the beginning of this week when suddenly, it felt like I was on my 2nd week of Roac again. I have 5 cysts on my face which freaken kills. And got cysts on my arm! I never even had cysts there to begin with.

    What shall I do. My derm is stopping my course after the 9th month, because in his words "We can't go on Roaccutane forever...you won't ever be clear..."


    Any advice?

  11. I feel ya.

    I'm 57 kg and my derm has put me on 40mg/day only. This is my 5th month and only side effects are the usual - dry skin, lips, sore joints, IBS and fatigue.

    My derm is simply an idiot.

    My acne hasn't cleared up. But when I upped my own dose to 60mg/day alternate days, my acne completely cleared....haha I know naughty. But now I am back on my 40mg/day bec I have to see my derm in 2 days.

    Some derms are just complete idiots.

  12. I'm about to finish my 5th month on Roac (40mg/day) and I have noticed that my face is getting oilier...

    My chin and lips are still very dry...but I have noticed that majority of my face is slowly getting oilier...

    Is this normal?

    I was clear in Month 3, early Month 4....then midway through Month 4 I started getting cycstic acne again.

    My derm says I'll be on the course for 6 months....but with the way my face is looking, I bet he'll extend it to 8 or 9 months.


  13. My derm has put me on 6 months....I'm going to start my 4th month of Roacc (on 40mg/day) and my face still looks EXACTLY the same as it did on the 3rd week of Roacc...

    Your derm doesn't get to look at your face everyday or feel what you're feeling everyday so it's better to be assertive and tell him/her exactly what's going on with your skin...and if your derm is smart, he'll/she'll put you on Roacc for 2 more months...

    My derm is stupid and refuses to believe me that I'm not improving...so I might actually go to a diff derm that actually CARES...

  14. I feel your pain...

    I've been on Roaccutane for 8 weeks on 40mg/day and my face looks exactly the same as it did on my first week, if not worse.

    My cystic acne aren't drying up or healing at all. They just sit there...like Roaccutane isn't working on them.

    I have my next blood test at the end of this month and I'm going call my Derm about the results. I'm just going to tell him that my skin isn't improving, I'm still slightly oily (except for my lips and my scalp) and my cystic acne just sit there doing absolutely nothing.

    Contact your dermatologist and see what he/she says...of course the dosage of your Roaccutane depends on your cholesterol level (and blood test results).

    Good luck!

  15. Hi there,

    I'm 22/female and I've been on 40mg/day for about 6 weeks now. I used to go to the gym 6 days a week with cardio and weight training on alternating days. When I told my doctor and dermatologist about this they suggested that I stop exercising or just do 1 work-out every week. Well I was kind of stubborn at first because going to the gym was a routine for me and I loved the gym.

    So I did 3 days a week whilst I was on Roaccutane and 4 weeks on and my joints are killing me! I keep telling myself this is all going to be alright and ok by the end of my course. I still power-walk 4 days a week and do back exercises (due to my lower back disks bulging from my spine!) but I find that my muscles aren't able to recover as fast. Basically, I can't sit still in one place for too long because when I stand up I find my ankles and knees in so much pain. And I feel very fatigued often as well.

    My doctor prescribed me Panadol Osteo - which I guess, is for people with osteoporosis just to relieve the pain, and it's working just a bit.

    I suggest that you take caution when you're weight training...perhaps do it just once a week because you may regret it later on in life....

    But consult your dermatologist and doctor anyway and see what they say - it really does depend on each person.

    Good luck and take it easy...you can resume your weight training after your course!

  16. Has anyone developed blurred vision while on Accutane?

    Is this common? Because it's happening to me.

    Hi there,

    My derm said that that would be common and advised me to not drive at night.

    I have pretty bad eyes to begin with and wear contact lenses everyday, but yes my eyes are EXTRA-DRY from wearing contact lenses and side effect of Roaccutane. And when I'm at home, when I have my glasses on, I get random blurred vision, just for seconds, not continuous. My dermatologist said that those side effects should subside when I'm off Roaccutane.

    I'm actually on my 25th day of Roaccutane, and not experiencing any improvements in my skin. I'm oilier, spottier, more cysts that hurt. Also, my joints hurt when I exercise. Apart from dryness EVERYWHERE, blurred vision and extremely dry eyes are also part of my pain!

    When you next see your dermatologist, mention it to him/her. They will usually tell you that it is part of the side effect. Once you get off Roaccutane, pay attention and see whether you still have blurred vision and if it continues check with your doctor, dermatologist and optometrist just to be safe.

    : /

  17. Yes I feel the same.

    I'm on my 20th day of Roaccutane and my face is sooo itchy.....

    At first I was really oily...actually I still am...but my face gets really itchy. And my acne hasn't gone down. I have a lot of redness. And I'm of ethnic background as well, so a lot of dark spots from where the cysts used to be. When one cyst goes down, another comes up. And my cysts hurt like hell - I want to put an ice pack over my face all day.

    Sometimes I accidentally scratch itchy areas and my cysts hurt (some bleed) like hell.

    I actually have given up hope because I'll either:

    1) Have to live with this for the rest of my life. And possibly walk around with a paper bag over my face.


    2) My acne will clear up and have a scarred face. And possibly walk around with a paper bag over my face.


  18. OMG that sounds really scary!!

    I'm on my 20th day of being on Roaccutane and sometimes I accidentally scratch my face and it hurts like hell...so I'm thinking of tying my hands behind my back to solve that problem.

    My dermatologist told me to moisturise all the time, although I'm not putting on as much because my face is still quite oily. I am putting on a lot of non-oily sunscreen though during the day even though I'm indoors most of the day.

    Maybe you should go to a different dermatologist? Because as far as I know, Roaccutane is suppose to dry out your skin so it would only be logical to moisturise.

    So perhaps get a second referral on your next check up and see what the other dermatologist says.

    I'm scared now. I already have tiny not-so-superficial scars from before I started using Roaccutane, hopefully it won't get worst!

    Good luck buddy