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  1. MissPiggy
    After 11 to 12 months of Roaccutane (ranging from 40 - 80mg) in 2011, my acne cleared up.

    Unfortunately, my acne returned, albeit not as bad, in September 2013.

    I was on Roaccutane (40mg) for 9 months. Once again, it helped clear my skin. I already knew what to expect. But I am a bit afraid that it will come back every so often until I hit menopause!

    I've updated my gallery to include my latest progress photos.
  2. MissPiggy
    Soooo pain in my joints...

    And now I'm going blind.

    I can feel that my eyesight is slowly deteriorating hahaha. I wear contact lenses so my eyes get soooo tired just from looking at a computer or reading. And more recently I've had to blink a number of times to 'moisten' my eyeballs. I have these special eyedrops for contact lense wearers but it's pretty useless to put anything else on my eyeballs.

    Sadness. So much sadness.

    It's just a big pain in the arse when I spend 9 hours at work in front of the computer and I'm having to scratch my eyes all the time because my contact lenses feel like rubber on my eyeballs.

    Oh dear.

    I keep telling myself it's all worth it. It will all be worth it.

  3. MissPiggy
    Yep - way too soon.

    2 days ago I had no new cysts (just the existing ones on my right cheek).

    And low and behold - 3 GIGANTIC cysts appear. The first one is right in between my eyebrows. Very attractive. Can't even cover it up with my fringe. The second one is on my left temple. The third is on my right cheek, smack bang in the middle. So it kind of looks like I've got 3 massive tumours. Very very attractive indeed.


    They not only look huge and ugly, they freaken hurt.

    So, I'm predicting I'll be on an 8 month course on Roac. Great, more IBS, more sore joints, more fatigue and more dryness. Better stock up on Papaw's Ointment.

    :( :(
  4. MissPiggy
    Day 134!!!

    Yes still almost clear - but the ones that are hanging around seem to just do that - hang around forever.

    Also, I will be on Roaccutane for 5 months soon and IBS has only hit me now

    I just took some Mylanta to relieve all the ache and heartburn. Not nice at all!

    I find that if I eat any of the following, I'm sure as hell going to suffer for it:

    1) Bread
    2) Milk
    3) Coffee
    4) Tea (hot and iced)
    5) warm water
    6) Hot chocolate
    7) Bananas

    So pretty much anything that has dairy or starch in it makes me sick.

    And because of the IBS, I've lost 2kg because I'm pretty much afraid to eat anything in case it makes me sick.

    I'm really missing all the above but the fear is a wee bit more empowering.

    Also posted some new pics of all fronts. As I said, very red, but almost almost almost clear.

    The other thing that's bothering me is still the same old I've whinged about - pain in the joints such as the back of my heels, my heels, my wrists, upper arm, lower back and knees. Because I've been on holidays from uni, I've been staying in bed 5 times a week (I only work 2 days a week).

    I'm wondering how my cholesterol is going - I'm assuming it's really high up since everytime I get up I get blackedout and headspins - oh dear!

    We shall see - have my blood test next Sat on the 6th of Feb and Derm's appointment on the 10th of Feb.

    I'm hungry - but too afraid to eat
  5. MissPiggy

    Yes ALMOST *touch wood*

    My left cheek is smooth but I can feel 1 or 2 little rogues under the skin (very very tiny and only hurt if I accidentally scratch myself in that area). Otherwise, when I wash my face my left cheek is completely smooth.

    My right cheek has decided it's a rebel because I have 4 or 5 medium rogues under the skin that have been there for week and refuses to go away!

    My forehead was clear for about 4 weeks but in the recent week, 2 little cystic acne came back to pay me a visit. Very unpleasant indeed.

    My skin is just very red at this stage, which is to be expected. And obviously I have my scars from the 2 years I had been suffering from the little shits.

    I have a Derm's appointment on the 10th of Feb and I'm really excited. Actually, I'm not really looking forward to it because my Derm is an idiot - he doesn't notice anything with my face, actually, I don't even think he looks at my skin when I visit him. The last appointment I had with him took less than 2 minutes.

    Anyways - looking forward to the redness going away. I don't really mind the redness, as long as the bumps aren't there I'll be happy.