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  1. just for the people with similar problems...i went on milkthistle and fish oil for 2 weeks and got my blood taken again...my AST and ALT levels went from 78 and 131 to 23 and 36...and my cholesterol went from 204 to 162
  2. well my liver levels were further increased and i have to wait another 2 weeks before i get another blood test...4 weeks no accutane *sigh*
  3. my liver levels have been fine for my first two months on 20 and 40mg, but at the end of the third month on 60mg my AST and ALT levels spiked and i'm taking a ten day break from the pills to get retested to see if i can go back onto a lower dose, has anyone else experienced this? did your levels decrease in a short amount of time like a week?
  4. well she told me to get a retest 10 days after i took my last pill and it should be fine, but i've been reading that some people have to wait like 3 weeks before retesting. Has anyone experienced this??
  5. Do you think that if I stop taking accutane for 10 days my liver enzymes (AST and ALT) will decrease from 49 and 89, to a normal level?
  6. im glad you're back on, i'm pretty sure my levels were spiked due to an increase in the medication. im getting my blood work done tmrw though
  7. if one were to take 30 mg of adderall while on accutane would that cause liver enzyme levels (ALT) to spike to where a dermatologist would pull you off?
  8. i had to be taken off my 60 mg daily regimen of accutane due to raised levels of liver enzymes AST(SGOT) and ALT (SGPT) they are 49 and 89.. My derm said to take another blood test in 2 weeks and we will continue on a lower dose for a smaller times Will this absence of accutane cause a break out? and do you think I can lower these levels within 2 weeks?
  9. DAY 40 hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting. There really hasn't been much to report... Since i've upped my dose I've been slightly drier but nothing too bad. I also got a few pimples under the skin on my upper cheeks but i'm going to get them cortisone injected right now
  10. haha thank you napa and good luck with your blackheads i know they are so frustrating! DAY 29 went to the derm today and she was surprised with the amount i've improved, so rather than waiting another month to up my dosage I will be starting on 40 mg a day on the 31st
  11. DAY 27 Blackheads are popping themselves out, nothing else to really update
  12. DAY 25 havent got a new pimple in a few days , i also noticed that about half of my blackheads are gone although i still have a few on the top of my nose which i hope pop their way out soon..
  13. for 2 months total ill be on 20mg, but after those 2 months i'm getting my dosage upped for another 5 months DAY 24 skins looking really good, all the pimples i have pretty much flaked off and i'm feeling really good
  14. DAY 23 just got my blood work done , my face looks like very clear and smooth, the only problem i have is blackheads, they are all pushed up and very dark its annoying