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  1. You should consider ice instead of heat to help lessen the swelling. Also you can take standard anti-inflammatory over the counter medications like Motrin. Arnica Montana is a natural supplement that is meant to help with swelling and inflammation, it is often used to help speed up recovery for plastic surgery patients when they swell and bruise, so that can be an option too.
  2. Differin is now over the counter in the U.S. since January of this year, so yes you can purchase it in the U.S. Now as for taking it across the border, that is something I cannot answer as I am not a lawyer, but I highly doubt they will look at your cream/gel and question you about it when you cross the border. I take retin-a with me when I travel and I have never been questioned about it.
  3. It is not recommended to have laser hair removal while on accutane as it can cause significant scarring. Usually laser hair removal will be okay 6-12 months AFTER you are done with your course of accutane. I would recommend going to a dermatologist for the treatment and not a typical med spa or beauty shop.
  4. You can try Bactrim as this is an effective sulfa antibiotic for acne. Typically if you are allergic to Doxycycline, you will be allergic to all of the other tetracycline antibiotics, so this is why Bactrim would be recommended for you.
  5. Cortisone injection could decrease it in size, but if the doctor is suggesting getting it removed than maybe you should go with it. A removal would only leave a minimal scar that will not be noticeable.
  6. Truthfully it does not look like you have a scar, but more likely post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or post inflammatory erythema, which is only temporary. I get these on occasion, just like most people, and they can last for a few weeks to a few months. I would just consider moisturizing it a lot to help aid in healing, but I doubt this will be permanent. If you are very concerned about it a vbeam or excel V laser will take care of it right away, butI think it will be temporary for you
  7. Those look like closed comedones, which is a form of mild acne. This does not look like Pityrosporum Folliculitis from the images you have shown, but you can go to a dermatologist for a face to face consult. Typically a retinoid and/or mild chemical peels should help relieve this.
  8. You want to continue using the Tazorac for the long-term as the best results occur after 1 year. Still how often you use this medication is depending on your reaction and skin tolerance. Some people can do it daily with minimal side effects and others will do it every other day or two days on and one day off, etc...I personally used Tazorac daily and took a break once a week. I now use Retin-A and continue the same pattern. But overall you still want to continue using this medication, as for how
  9. I think after you finish your course of accutane, it is recommended to wait 6-12 months for most facial surgeries, you may want to ask a dermatologist about this.
  10. Right now just consider putting a thick moisturizer on it like Eucerin or Aquaphor. Or if you are not sensitive to it than you can put Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline). The best thing to do is to keep it moist and that will speed up the healing process.
  11. I have never used the eCo2 laser, so I cannot tell you anything from personal experience about it. I do not think your skin is so bad to need the eCo2 laser, but like I said I have never used it so I do not know much about it. I do hear there are more potential side effects of the eCo2 laser compared to vbeam or excel V, but the potential benefits are supposed to be greater too. I had a friend try TCA peel and she liked it a lot and looked great afterwards, and she had similar shallow scars like
  12. I have had vbeam and excel V done before and in my experience there is less chance for side effects when there is no purpura (bruising). Laser genesis is better than both Vbeam and Excel V for stimulating collagen and supposedly it is considered a very low risk procedure with practically no downtime because in order to get the benefits of Laser Genesis it requires at least 5-6 treatments spread apart by a month each...this will gradually improve texture and stimulate collagen slowly (most people
  13. I am very sorry that you had this reaction to the isotretinoin, I can understand how difficult this must be for you. The good news is that any scarring you may have looks very shallow, so I do think that a lot of the scarring can fill in on its own. Before looking at any type of treatments to fix the potential scarring, I would wait for all the scabs, active acne, and hyperpigmentation to heal which could take up to a year and then you will get a better view on what treatments may need to be don
  14. Wow that is pretty cool. By this logic Epiduo should be granted OTC too since it just combines benzoyl peroxide and differin