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  1. First thing I have to say, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet since there's so many logs here. Second, why I'm keeping a log. Reason one, for me. Keeps me accountable. Reason two, for you. Pics are on the way once me mum mails up the digital camera. Third, how I'm doing this, is I'm sticking STRAIGHT TO THE REGIMEN. Yes I'll be using over-the-counter products but nothing that breaks the guidelines: -Rite Aid Cleanser (compare to Neutrogena Cleanser) -Neutrogena On-the-Spot BP -Olay a
  2. Hey guys -- I was wondering, since I'm going to stop picking, how soon I can expect the scabs to go away. Also, how soon can I expect new pimples to go away without popping them? Just from your experience.... Thanks!
  3. I've been dealing with moderately severe acne since about 9th grade (I am a freshman in college now), and I've tried a bunch of different stuff, but there hasn't been a single day where I've woken up and said "I'm clear." I've always had something. The first thing I tried was in 10th grade, and it was the acne.org regimen. I totally followed it. However, after about 3 or 4 months, it didn't seem better, it just seemed more dry and irritated. So I saw the dermatologist who put me on meno