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  1. vitamin E oil oh! and aleo vera is amazing! nothing beats the plant, if you can get ahold of the plant and slice it open and dabb it on- amazing!
  2. no worries! definitely look into Avene, i've tried sooo many skin care products and they're definitely the most sensitive. I was using a sunscreen the brand is Sunsense - they have great especially for the face and moisturising, non oily, matte, sunscreens. Check out their range
  3. stopped accutane about 3 weeks ago after roughly 8 months on it, i have a couple of little tiny under the skin white head things, very miniscule but none the less annoying!!!! tips and advice would be appreciated! i think it's best not to pick at them though. In general, what kind of vitamins/foods help keep skin clear/nothing under the surface? is it true that sweets = bad for skin?? thanks!!!!
  4. hey! what's IB? well I used most of the things that came in the pack with it. The QV wash is great, but i have been primarily using Avene products. They're pricy, but amaizing. I use the Extremely Gentle Cleanser, the Mineral Mist Spray, Skin recovery cream and Rich Hydrating cream - in that order, 2X daily. I haven't found anything better than Lucas' Paw Paw ointment for lips/any dry skin, and Nivea Extreme Moisturiser or something for whole body, it's really moisturising (in a big blue squeezy
  5. oh wow really thanks heaps something too look forward to
  6. I've been on accutane for approx 8 months but still have a few red dots (not indents) on each cheek that are from when I had bad skin approx. 1 year ago. Will continuing accutane rid of them?? Tips and advice greatly appreciated
  7. I live at college so I definitely know the feeling, but i think roaccutane stays in your system for about 6 months unfortunately. I still drank heavily on roaccutane, very bad I know. So you've done better than me! When i drank I just had trouble remembering my nights :S It's really bad for your liver though so i think i might get mine tested!
  8. Hey! My name's Jessica and i'm newly 19. Since Mid Jan-Early Febuary this year till about 2 weeks ago (7.5 months), I was on Roaccutane. I started with 3 20mg tablets a week, and then at some point was told by my dermatologist to increase it to 10 a week. I haven't seen my dermatologist in because it just hasn't worked out. 2 weeks ago I decided to stop taking them because my skin had just become far too try (I was using cortisone creams). I had not had a proper pimple in a couple of months and