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  1. i'm sick of feeling this way. i mean i've had this shit since 4th grade. and still, it seems like there's very, very few people in highschool that have actual acne. yeah, there's people that get a pimple every other month, but hardly anyone that actually has to suffer like this. so when everyone says "oh everyone gets pimples" i just want to smack them because they don't get it. i have one friend who has acne too and it feels awesome to talk to her about stuff. anyway. i'm going to dinner with
  2. Pretty much all I've been using is my cleanser, moisturizer, and honey after school, and drinking lots of water and eating fruits and no junk food. It's working pretty much amazingly but I still have a couple like clogged pores / blackheads / whatever the hell they are like up in my cheeks and you can't see them really, but you can feel them, and it drives me INSANE. So yeah, I wanna get rid of them, and I'm thinking the only thing I have left to try is clay masks. But, Will a clay mask make
  3. I think i'm in love with you guys<3333333333333
  4. My parents went to DQ and called me and asked what I wanted and I said nothing because I don't eat icecream They came home eating it in front of me like UGH Fruit just doesn't satisfy the need for sweet I read frozen grapes are good but asdlfkjal;gj. Is there ANYTHING any of you have found works D:
  5. Guys this is so depressing I was clear, well as clear as my skin can look No pimples just scars I was so happy Now I think I'm pmsing, I guess cause I've been eating really good and drinking lots of water, I drank extra wednesday because my boyfriend was gonna come over thursday I ate extra perfect, too I woke up thursday morning with FOUR cysts on my cheek After being clear for like a week I'm so upset right now. They hurt so bad. I'm assuming it's the pms. I break out with cysts every month
  6. Due to using harsh products for most of my war with acne, I've developed redness on my cheeks, but not around my eyes (because it always says "avoid using near eyes") and I just can't seem to make the skin color blend. It's like a really noticeable color difference, too. -_- Any help? /:
  7. Thank you guys so much. Any more suggestions are still really appreciated.
  8. TONS of blackheads, every single pore on my nose. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. No matter if I use those pore cleanser strips, or if I take the time to squeeze em all out. They come back in a day. I think it's an Italian thing. Everyone in my family has it. -_-; But it's kind of aggravating. So, ANY WAY I CAN GET RID OF THESE SUCKERS?! For good?! (I'm gonna go with no... but I thought I'd ask for the hell of it.)
  9. Eggs sound good but I think I'd look like a freak eating them in class haha & agreed on the coldness of the greens. Andddd. I read that nuts actually irritate acne so I've been avoiding all nuts 'cept almonds /: Paranoia really sets in lately, cus I've gotten so much improvement and I don't want to screw it up over nuts. xD Is it true or no? Otherwise I'll totally chow down on different nuts. (:<
  10. I read about almonds being good, but they get kind of bland after a while. And then there's blueberries, and how they're the "super fruit" but I really don't like the taste of them, hahah. Whatever, anyway! Anything I can throw in a baggie and put in my purse and eat throughout the school day?
  11. I haven't been on here in ages. And I think it's time to come back, because my progress has come to a dead end. I first started noticing most results when I stopped using anything with BP or SA or anything like that. So, no, I will not try anything like that again, haha. Second results was when I started moisturizing daily (I have no idea why I didn't up until this September, I was stupid) When I started buying the high quality stuff at Sephora, my oh my have I come a long way. I use Kineras
  12. How long ago was it prescribed? If you find it, be sure to check the expiration date. Never use expired medications. ; ) Hm, the longest probably before the summer x-X She always used these pure white tubes with stickers on then with just the name of the stuff inside, and her name on it. Never any real information. Which freaked me out because I never knew exactly what she was giving me because she nicknamed everything. That's why I stopped going to her. D:
  13. One of my old derm's prescribed me retin-a, I might be able to find it somewhere in my cabinet... Hm. I reaaally appreciate the help guys. It makes me feel more confident this is possible. There's no doubt my acne's gotten A LOT better the past few months. So, I think I can do it.
  14. Deadmau5 - I stopped using any kind of products with BP and stuff because it was really hurting my skin a lot. SnoopyisAj - I don't always do it 3 times a day, but yes, sometimes I do. And the lemon doesn't seem to even sting when I put it on anymore, and I'm never really in the sun, so I don't think it can be hurting me too much. x-X mercyunbound - Do you know of a good moisturizer that will moisturize but not grease me up? It's driving me crazy, I feel like I'm going backwards. & also a