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  1. yeah i have spoken to her about why i was scared of winter cause of my acne etc. lol she said Jake, i wouldn't care if you were an albino craterface. hahahaha but tbh now my skin is as clear as anything again, however im now left here on my own cause of a ridiculous mistake because how i felt on the day. sillyness well im hopefully seeing her tonight, and i will resolve all this... lets just hope im lucky enough to win her back
  2. RIGHT lemme get down to it every winter so far for 5 years i've broken out. the past three years (including the current change into winter now) i've been lucky enough to go onto a course of roaccutane. however with the knowledge and past of previous winters i always become depressed and clinically fed up come winter time. anyway thats part 1 lol - this BEAUTIFUL girl. Roxy. I met her in summer time, and things were just perfect. It was just day after day of making memories with her to remember
  3. Heya there i've been reading your progress and everything is looking hunky dorey unfortunately i too have been on a course of accutane before for 6 months on i think 2 tablets a day. everything was awesome and worked out fine by the 3rd month, clearist skin ever. the other three months were more of a safety precaution lol. unfortunately i was unlucky enough to have to go back onto a second course the following winter because it came back but this time just 3 months on 3 tablets a day. anyway,