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  1. Hey! How ya holding up today?

  2. If it has been there for a while try popping it softly, if it doesnt pop then just leave it be and ice it. El Violador
  3. If anything, I would expect it to be a ER visit, but I can be wrong El Violador
  4. The only weird feeling I ever had on my face was if I touched it, certain pimples felt like a bubble just filled with pus El Violador
  5. I am quite jealous sir. Hope it/was working out for you El Violador
  6. Good luck on your course, just dont get discouraged about the up's and down's you might go through. El Violador
  7. Good luck dear, feel free to ask any questions if need be El Violador
  8. Keep on fighting, you'll get there El Violador
  9. Bad experience with AHA, hehe El Violador
  10. Sorry I am late, but stopping 3 days before an appointment wouldn't of done anything to change the outcome, if anything I think it would be mental. Say for example if you wanted to go tanning, and had an apt. scheduled for the 10th, if you stopped on the 3rd it still wouldn't make a difference because accutane stays in your system for up to 6 months, be thankful you didnt stop taking it for a while becuase that could've messed your course up El Violador
  11. sorry, but that isn't true. Derms are good people but they can say some wacky things sometimes. all foundation formulas are different -- you can't say with certainty that they all clog pores. even if they did, wearing a moisturizer underneath will do nothing except maybe help the foundation blend into the skin better. maybe that is what he meant. No, he was pretty cut and dry about what he meant. We agree to disagree El Violador sorry, but that isn't true. Derms are good people