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  1. Thanks for the advice. I have a couple of more questions though. Do you use the glycolic acid while using the Retin-A or at different times? Does it cause any extra side effects with the Retin-A? I have tried to get acutane but all the dermatoligists I have seen said my acne is not severe enough for acutane. They have told me it would not be worth the side effects and possible long term effects. And I am honestly a little skeptical of wheter or not acutane may have severe long term heal
  2. Hello: I have been fighting acne for about 13 years now( the never ending battle) and I have used everything short of acutane. I have grade II to III acne. I am currently using differin 1.0 solution and it works o.k. but I still get a severe red nodule or two about once a month. The differin does not seem to really affect the nodules and they almost always leave a small to medium sized scar. At this rate I will have a face full of small and medium scars in the next five years. I was wonde