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  1. I use it daily. It's great stuff. I notice some stinging when I put it on a fresh spot, but after a day or so, it goes away for me. I think it's the vitamin c.
  2. I don't have pix, but they have some on their site. I feel a little on the spot. Maybe I've been too enthusiastic about endorsing this product.... If you prefer Mederma or ScarGuard or any of the other of dozens products, hey! more power to you. I'm trying to help...
  3. I agree. It is sort of expensive. But, if you research other creams with the same ingredients, it's less pricey. Plus, it works. I figured I'd rather pay $80 or $60 for something that works than $20 or $30 for something that doesn't.
  4. Absolutely. I think it's great and a some friend who've used it too agree!
  5. This is from the web page that talks about how it works (http://www.inviciblescars.com/get-rid-of-scars.html) Brown spots Melanocyte cells produce the skin's natural pigment, melanin. Localized proliferation causes hyper-pigmentation, or brown spots. People also call these "age spots" or "liver spots." InviCible lightens hyper-pigmented lesions like brown spots, dark scars and acne blemishes: * The Vitamin C complex helps to inhibit melanocoytes and decrease melanin production by 80%.