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  1. Day 15 Today is day 15 on accutane. Changes to report: Face is even itchier. It's maddening. Face is also more red toned. No IB yet (knock on wood), but also no real improvement. Lips keep getting drier and drier. As you can see, nothing too intense yet! My face has ben looking great when I wake up in the morning, which makes me beam. But then at about noon it just flushes red and becomes irritated and itchy. If not for the itching I swear I would be so happy. My attitude automatically
  2. This is day 11..? Wow apparently I'm that disorganized that I can' even keep track of how many days I have been taking Accutane. Its 11 I think. My face is starting to be flaky, but not exactly dry yet. Still insanely itchy, and when I put on makeup in the morning you can see the "peeling" skin around my patches of pimples. It's really not attractive, but it makes me think that theres a lot of healing going on, so it makes me a bit happy. My lips are madness! So dry, peeling, sore, YUCK YUCK.
  3. Day 6 (so I have popped 3 pills so far) The only side effect I have noticed really is my lips starting to peel. They are usually pretty dry regularly, but now the whole top layer will just peel off. Its pretty gross. I'm trying my best to not pick at all, but I used to have a really bad problem with that so its hard to resist. My face is pretty calm now though, aside from it being unreal itchy. I wake up in the middle of the night and find myself itching my face Uhh oh! Time to wear mittens t
  4. Day 1 Hi everyone! A few months ago I would have never considered I would be starting Accutane. I have had moderate acne for about 3 years (I'm 16 now, 17 in a month), but it always stayed just enough to deal with. This January though my face exploded. Around 5 new pimples a day, whiteheads all through my hairline, at least 1 cyst a week and oozing blackheads. I cried every night, and took out my frustration with picking :S And so here I am now, taking a step to finally end this 3 year battle
  5. I couldn't help but almost cry reading the comments on the Katy Perry picture. (#1 Katy Perry is gorgeous and my favourite person ever so leave her alone!) Her skin actually isnt bad AT ALL in that picture (ive creeped some worse ones of her) but the oil joke! I can't believe the media! How do you think that makes young teens who get the odd pimple feel, let alone like 70% of the popular that gets acne. What a terrible, terrible site, Tat makes me sick! I wonder what that site or the commentar
  6. I started tetracycline January this year. By march my skin was amazing. In May/June, I guess it got discontinued, so I had to go on Doxycyline. Ive been on it for about 2 weeks and I see no improvement at all! if anything my acne has got a bit worse (but that may be hormonal). I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Does it make sense that Tetracycline would work for me and Doxycyline wouldn't? Or am I being paranoid and I need to give it at least another month or so..? Thanks.
  7. good for you for staying positive. once in a while when im having a bad acne day I just say, "what the hell, its only acne!" and i feel better.. but it doesn't always work. im glad you have your way to stay positive and not let it bother you!
  8. I feel bad about it. Probably because its been behaving lately, but now its looks red and irritated. My fault though. I stopped picking for sooo long. I don't know why I did yesterday. It was stupid.
  9. I dance competitively, and so when I'm going on stage I need to cover up my acne extra good because you have to look flawless on stage! One of my friends was standing with while I piled on the powder in between numbers. And I said, "Your so lucky you don't have to wear makeup, its so annoying!" And she said, "Well, if you think about it, its basically a cause and effect thing. You only have acne because you wear makeup. And its only really bad because you put on so much stuff to cover it up! If
  10. Hi everyone! I'm home sick with a bad cold today, so I decided it was the perfect day to start the blog I have been wanting to write forever. My history with acne starts at about age 10 when I starting getting the odd pimple. Pretty unusual for a ten year old, especially one who lacked in every other possible sign of possibly aging at all. Eventually in grade 8 my acne upgraded (pfft!) to having about 5 or 6 pimples per week. By the end of grade 9 though, I had full-on moderately severe acne. L
  11. I know how it is to just NEED to rant like this. I hear you, and I feel in a very similar situation. I'm in high school, and when you walk around all day and see 100's of people who happen to have spot-less faces its really hard to feel god enough about yourself. But I always thing to myself that one day it will end! One day the acne will go away and the scars will fade as much as possible. And that day we will all live carefree like everybody else! I can't wait for that day, and that's what kee
  12. I have the same problem. I have heard a few times that although mineral powder is GOOD for your face, it rarely looks GOOD on people with acne. What I use is Cover Girl True Blend liquid makeup. Thsi works well for me. I put it on with my fingers the same way I put on my moisturizer, making it rubbed into my skin very well. I haven't found the perfect powder yet... But hopefully you might find this suggestion helpful!
  13. Anyone else have friends who talk about acne in front of you like they have it REALLY bad, even though their face is practically clear? It makes me almost cry standing there. One time my one friend Kay was like to another friend "Your so lucky your face is so clear!" And then everyone else started commenting being like, "Well so and so has nice skin too!" Eventually everyone had commented nicely about everyone skin.. except no one said anything about my skin. i didn't blame them, but I had tea
  14. I would make it so my skin would not scar. If I didn't get horrible scars, people would probably not even think i have that bad acne.
  15. I don't know hot before acne.. but I had gorgeous skin. I had completely clear, pale skin that got gorgeously tanned in the summer with freckles on my nose. Now my skin is a complete wreck only a year later. Honestly I look at old pictures and can't understand what could have been wrong in my life then. I had clear, beautiful skin. Now acne is all I worry about, and I haven't been happy in a year