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  1. I hate my dermatologist Saw him today, and he was like "No way on earth you are going on Accutane. If you want clear skin, you should get a chemical peel, for a series of 3 or more treatments." I REFUSE TO GET ANOTHER CHEMICAL PEEL! I don't want my skin to erupt again. But he also recommended that I take Acnezine?? Isn't that an acne supplement? I heard so many good things about it.
  2. You and me both! I have the same severity type as well. I have asked twice and got turned down both times only to try other antibiotics, one of which (bactrim DS) i refuse to take because i know antibiotics are only short term. Which is why i never understand why insist on taking it anyway if the shit is just gonna come back :S So frustrating. I know people have to go on multiple courses for accutane but the remission between the courses are a lot longer than that of an antibiotic.
  3. My acne isn't that severe, i would say it's mild-moderate, with persistent whiteheads and pustules. And my skin gets oily as hell ewww Do you think it's possible for me to go on a low dose accutane just so it can control the oilyness and combat my acne completely? The topicals are okay, but they don't seem to be doing enough. I know accutane has serious side effects which can be fatal, but I'm willing to TRY IT OUT. I've read so many successful stories about it on here
  4. wow you know what's weird? before i went i said to my skin "please behave for at least 3 days" and it listened to me! the whole time i was there it was dry as a bone and i looked almost decent. but when i came back it broke out like crazy probably from the sunscreen (it wasn't oil free but what could i do, i didn't want my face to be beet tinted from being in the sun 24/7)
  5. lol this is what my bf said to me last night "you're hotter than meg fox and angelina jolie combined"
  6. and to the guys who used aloe vera for dark spots; did it make a dramatic improvement?
  7. i thought my red marks were fading but they got redder and darker so i ordered 4 aloe vera plants from ebay and they should be here anytime soon. i knew a woman who had scars, and she used aloe vera for 2 or 3 months, it made her skin look flawless and healthy. so hopefully, i will get the same results!
  8. i will be going to 6 flags with my friend and a cute guy..it's going to be freaking hot and i don't want my skin to look like an oil slick. i only have a few SMALL zits at the moment (barely noticeable) but my skin tone is sh*tty and uneven. how can i keep my skin matte looking? i want to look good help me out guys... we will be staying at a hotel and we will be sharing the same room! shit so that means the guy will get to see me without make up i'm so scared edit: sorry MODS if this is in t
  9. i'd rather be 10 pounds heavier than have skin problems! i'm borderline underweight so i wouldn't mind the extra pounds
  10. wow, your skin is so clear. what an amazing improvement! are you feeling okay now??
  11. yesss hair products always make me break out around the hairline
  12. thanks for posting this, i just bought a new cleanser (skin effects gentle cleanser for sensitive skin) and thank god it doesn't have any of these!
  13. thank you for being supportive .. you're right! i keep reminding myself that confidence is sexy. i just had a long talk with my bf about it, and he was so understanding. it shocks me how sweet some guys can be
  14. i feel your pain. i hate when i break out on my chin! so painful ugh.. the breakouts seem to be a little under control since my period just ended. but i have a new one forming on the middle of my chin and a few around my hairline -_-
  15. I was going to get rhinoplasty myself as my nose doesnt look normal on the right side and I have 1 nostril bigger than the other. Its noticable to me in certain mirrors/lighting (just like my scarring). However, i'm not going through with rhinoplasty anymore. Because everybody I mention my crooked nose to, looks around my nose then scratches their head. (same with the scars) I think with BDD, it doesnt matter how many make overs you get, if you can't get it under control psychologic
  16. i know for sure i have that. i always cry to myself at sleep because i hate EVERYTHING about my body. my face is enough to keep ghosts, rats, witches, cockroaches and vampires at bay. i'm currently seeking help, but it's not helping at all. when i save up enough money i'm going to get a boob job and rhinoplasty
  17. i think its just bringing out the junk under your skin. i would continue using it and see what happens, with retin-a it always gets worse before it gets better
  18. thanks yeah i know but it's hard.. i want to look good for him! i just bought some head & shoulders with zinc pyrithione...i remember it worked very well on clearing my body acne
  19. i have a new boyfriend and i really want to do it with him, but i'm too insecure about my body i dont have much acne on my chest or back, but it still looks gross. i want to wait until it's all gone so he won't be turned off
  20. that's so adorable, i love you guys too *group e-hug*