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  1. Zinc can cause nausea when taken on an empty stomach. Did you eat (enough) before taking it?
  2. Just wanted to let you know that your reply to me in the "interesting article" thread hasn't gone unheard. Reading a lot of your posts atm, and taking my time to explore the links. Thanks for the info!

  3. This thread is freaking me out a bit. Please differentiate between red marks (that will eventually fade..) and actual scars. Have people been getting scars from using the regimen? Red marks I can live with, but scarring will make me stop the regimen.
  4. Day 17 There haven't been any major changes with my skin since my last update. I was attending a wedding yesterday, and ofc my skin was redder than ever. I was rather annoyed to go out with such a red face, but I really had to go. On the way there I realized that my shirt & tie were really starting to annoy my skin. I also apply BP on my neck because I get acne there sometimes. When I went to the bathroom I saw my skin was really dry and flaky around my neck. I felt like leaving even before
  5. Do you just put plain honey on your skin without adding anything? I tried to search the board a bit, but some people are using special honey and others don't mention how to apply it. I never used to take supplements, started with a multivitamin about a year ago and have been adding things I read about here since then. I don't know how much it is helping as I have been trying different topical treatments while taking them. But at least it makes me feel like I am actively trying to battle the a
  6. I use L'anza Art Elements Urban Molding Paste (what a name..) It works great for my hair, but I am not sure how good it is for acne. It's also a bit expensive to purchase, but lasts me for around 6 months which makes it cheaper in the long run than other products I used to buy.
  7. Day 14 So Dan's cleanser and moisturizer showed up in the mail the other day. This is my second full day of using them. The cleanser is nice, but using it as a shaving cream really doesn't work well for me. I will continue using my gillete sensitive foam. The moisturizer really made a big difference in my regimen. It seems to keep my skin from flaking a lot better than my previous one. My skin is still getting very dry, but atleast I can keep it moisturized proparly! I still add the jojoba oil a
  8. Thank you for posting this. I have just finished reading the article, and it was all helpful information. But I am somewhat skeptical. Sure I think that all these vitamins, minerals and complex carbs will help acne (or your overal health). But where is the scientific proof that "simple carbohydrates and acne are directly related in the way that he explains them to be? I have tried to look up some of his references, and the main one that is supposed to have the link is Ref 9. Challem, J. & et
  9. Well the weather is probably not helping no. It's starting to get colder out side and this is also around the time my skin gets a bit drier than usual. I have looked into using honey, but am still pretty reluctant to use it on my face. Maybe I am just to stubborn Thanks for the reply, I think everyone on the regimen goes through this stage. I just hope my skin gets used to it fast
  10. Proactiv really didn't work for me and only made my acne worse, so I would advise against it. However for some people it seems to work. Have you tried Dan's BP? It's only 2.5% compared to the 10% you mentioned, but seems to work for a lot of people here. Anyway, goodluck to you!
  11. This is what Dan says about fish oil in his recent blog post:
  12. Hi IceMonkey, It sounds to me like your trying the find something in someone else that you should be looking for in yourself. You can only find someone to bond with once you have found yourself. I really doubt that moving to a different town is going to change things for you. But this is something you really have to figure out for yourself. Best of luck to you, and know that things can and will change, no matter what you do.
  13. Day 10 My skin is still a bit red, but drying out like crazy. It actually hurts to put on moisturizer on some parts of my skin now. It will turn red right after I do. I am a bit worried that my skin is taking too much of a beating, and am wondering what I can do about it. I am already pretty careful with the amount of BP I use. Today I avoided my neck area (I get acne there sometimes) because it has been getting irritated just from being moisturized. I tried using jojoba oil before cleansing t
  14. The store is actually http://www.danielkern.com/, this is where all products are sold and is not hosted under acne.org.
  15. Aah I always shower in the morning, but have the exact same problem My face is still red and dry But I was reading "Cool as kim deal"'s post on dryness and flaking, she suggests using jojoba oil before cleansing as a way to reduce flakes. I think I will give this a shot tonight.