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    oct 13

  2. caliswag

    accutane week #4

    here are a few pics of what my face and neck looks like week #4 into treatment.
  3. caliswag

    2 days later

    still bad...
  4. hello all, my name is leah and i am 22 suffering with acne since i was 18. i finally went to see a derm. after all these years of trying everything from antibiotics, gels, you name it. finally, my dern decided to give me a dose of 30 mg of accutant.my skin is very dry after i wash my face in the morning. especially in the mouth area including my lips . i am excited but at the same time sad b/c i am still breaking out on my chin and neck area? is that normal? any recommendation on what products
  5. hi lindsey, at first my insurance didnt want to cover for my Claravis pills and it was going to run me around $130 for a 30 day supplies for 40 mg. one of the nurse at my derm office told me to call her back if the insurance company didnt want to cover it and i did. lucky, the nurse at my derm office convinced my insurance and had them cover my whole 6 months treatment. so, now i pay only $10 out of pocket when i pick up my pills at the pharmacy. you should ask your derm office how much its goi