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  1. accutane is a drug that accelerates the turn over of rapid dividing cells regardless of what kind of cell. that is why there are many side effects. accutane causes your skin cells to die faster (faster turn over rate). so what youre probably experiencing is flaking of dry skin. kind of like getting flakes on your scalp which is a common side effect as well. this also happens to your lips as well as your digestive tract. my advice: take accutane with a huge meal that is fatty or eat a sco
  2. i am 22 now and i have had acne since 16. i have very very oily, dry, scaly skin. what helped my face the most was probably going to the steam room and sweat out everything out of my pores. i went everyday for about 2 weeks. i would take a shower, go the steam room until i was sweating profusely then rinse off in the shower then i would put on jojoba oil with vitamin e oil. i felt like the jojoba oil hydrated my face while the vitamin e oil softened my skin which was dry. then i stopped go
  3. might want to think twice before using your rollers or needles again. needle
  4. question really is if you have your acne in control if not then theres no point getting tca cross done.
  5. dont aggravate it. try to leave it alone. moisturize your skin.
  6. you just have enlarged pores. I BET that you use a face wash everyday without using a moisturizer. i bet you use a salicyclic acid or bp face wash. i would recommend that you do not do a tca cause your pores are not scarred, but they are enlarged. try this....use a MILD salicyclic acid face wash. use a moisturizer. if you can, go to a sauna everyday to push out all the gunk in your pores. OR get a good work out in and get a real nice sweat going.
  7. i find that exercising is great for acne. i have oily skin and sometimes i get sebum plugs. by exercising i get a good sweat going which helps my skin clear dead skin cells and push out the gunk in my pores. plus i can run for days now.
  8. just throwing a suggestion: try to get a real good sweat going once a day to help your skin slough off the dead skin cells. since retin a helps the skin to push out all the gunk in your pores, your breakouts could be due to the gunk interacting with the dead skin cells. just a suggestion. i propose this because it will definitely help the retin a push out the gunk faster and it will help slough off the dead cells. i try to work out everyday to get a good sweat going or i go to a sauna.
  9. all the advices above are good also, i would recommend that you shower once a day at most. anything that touches your skin will irritate it. stop using the rubbing alcohol immediately. your skin should be slightly acidic. only slightly not a lot. the lemon juice will help that but use a little. the alcohol on the other hand will make your skin basic which will only help the bacteria grow because they prefer basic conditions. i would suggest using water for awhile and see how that works
  10. stop taking the accutane and talk to your dermatologist. it could be pain from your kidneys. call your primary doctor as well
  11. one of my suggestions is to stop using your sunscreen. it has coconut which is comedogenic. are you birth control?!?! if not, give that a try.