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  1. Will getting a microabrasion clean out my pores and reduce pore size? Will the reduction of pore size be permanent?
  2. They also kill off good bacteria, particularly in your gut. This could worsen digestive health in the long term, which in itself is claimed to make you more susceptible to acne. So how long do you have to be taking an anti-biotic for it to have long term effects on your gut?
  3. So taking anti-biotics won't create a strain of super acne that will endure much more of my life?
  4. DOnt take anitbiotics, they amke thigs worse in the long run. What you have are probabaly blackheads puching themselves out naturally, maybe you could exfoliate? Or try shaving everyday? How do antibiotics make things worse?
  5. This probably only pretains to guys that have facial hair, but does anyone get what looks like dirt that build up around a hair folical? Kind of looks like a blackhead that has been pushed ot the surface, but is still on you face. I started getting them in the area of skin just below my lip and above my chin. Well anyway I have noticed that if I let my facial hair grow for acouple days (or even a day), they are every where on my face! Does normal antibiotics get rid of something like this? Li
  6. 1. Do they permenatly reduce pore size or just temporarily? 2. For dirt currently in the clogged pores, will it be pushed out with a photofacial or will the pore just close over the dirt *ick*?
  7. I get these mainly on my forehead, but it may be different then what you are talking about. I get these small bumps on my forehead, and they are basicaly clogged pores. I can pop them, but they are hard pressed to go away on their own. They are kind of like mini acne.
  8. Ack! I use the ointment! I've used it for several years now, even at times spreading it all over my face. Could I have caused any permanent damage?
  9. Does applying Neosporin to acne hurt or benefit you? I use it on acne that might scar to reduce any marks.
  10. I was inconsistent with minocycline for the last past 6 months and I have droped it all toghter for other reasons. Anyway my question is by being inconsistent with mino did I create a super bacteria that will be a lot tougher to get rid of and harsher on my skin?