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  1. I have noticed over the years my face has increasingly become darker than my neck and body. It could be from years of attempting to correct my hyperpigmentation with exfoliants, over exfoliating and occasionally hydroquinone. My question is, has anyone with brown skin had this issue? What did you do/use to even out your skin tone? Please no HQ
  2. Here is my regime. Cleanse (w/washcloth): Kojie San Soap approx $5 for 2 bars or Giovanni Dtox cleanser $8 Eyes: Cetaphil moisture Treatment: Maxi Peel Exfoliant #2 (am &pm) approx $8 SPF: Rocky Mountain SPF 30 approx $8 I have not found a evening moisturizng for full face. I cannot use any "cones", waxes, butters, oils or I will break out. I have yet to find a moisturizer without these ingredients for night moisture. I am beyond ecstatic with my results w/ Kojie San Soap &
  3. After searching high and low, I've finally found a sunscreen I can wear with NO silica, silicones, dimethicone, oils, scent, fragrance and I have not had a breakout of burning of my EYES! This spf 30 is the truth. I have used it for two weeks, usually a sunscreen will bring about a breakout within a day. I am so happy with the spf, I feel so lucky to have found it. I sound like I'm talking about a soul mate..it's my spf soul mate. I would recommend this for everyone. I have oily skin and i
  4. After a failed attempt with Saw Palmetto (for acne & facial hair;result: disaster zone), birth control (Ocella for 3 days, I broke out immediately), Retin A (peeling, redness, sensitivity and even worse with Differin), Minocycline (it's just okay, but someday the body will resist), No more vitamins and herbs, such a waste of money -except L-lysine (helps my skin heal quicker, its awesome, and juicing (ahhh juicing ...juicing WORKED!) My skin never looked better. I first tried fresh jui
  5. i'm looking for a laser center that has experience treating black skin. Some of my acne/follicultis is due to hair removal. It's time to laser. If you have had a personal positive experience with laser hair removal on black skin or "caramel" skin tone in the Bay area, i'd like to know your experience, cost and where you had treatment done, thanks!
  6. I'd like to get laser hair removal asap. My skin breaks out daily from hair removal. Has anyone with a skin tone tone close to "caramel" had a positive experience in the Bay Area CA? Where laser center did you use? I'd love to hear any success stories, thank you!
  7. seabuckhorn oil and jojoba oil are comedogenic. The glycerin might have just added to the problem.
  8. I desperately need to hydrate my oily/dehydrated skin, but majority of moisturizers cause clogged pores. The issue is oils and silicones (omg they are in everything now!!)..dimethicone, cycomethicone,trimethicone..I CAN'T USE THESE. Oh and my skin is sensitive to fragrance, dyes, scents. Massively. I need a oil free, silicone, beeswax, waxes, shea butter, cocoa butter,Salicylic acid free moisturizer with and without spf. A Few Products/Brands I have tried and do not work for me Ne
  9. I recently tried Saw Palmetto for 2 weeks and ruined my skin. Severe Severe congestion everywhere. I'm actually starting Ocella birth control next week. Few people have had success with Saw Palmetto, I don't recommend taking the chance of further damaging your skin. I hope you find a solution.
  10. I'm feeling very hopeless right now. My skin is attempting to rebound from a massive breakout and infestation on my face, neck, ears, chest. Why didn't it go to my damn back? I tested a new round of vitamins with catastrophic results. No more Saw Palmetto for me. Birth control here I come. Trying out Ocella. And yesterday I started juicing. Wishing my mom still owned her health shop, all the free food, juice, smoothies I want for FREE. My skin looked fantastic back then. Thinking about
  11. Has anyone tried orange corrector/concealer for hyperpigmentation and NOT dark circles? I'd like to know what your experience was, which ORANGE correctors you have tried..? I know it's common to use for dark circles, sun damage and to prevent brown skin tones from looking ashy when wearing foundation, concealer, powder & all these dark products have a very high pore clogging rate. Anyway lol, let me know what worked and didn't. Cheers!
  12. Rx for Brown Skin sent me a load of products to test and review for my skincare blog. I previously tried their serum years ago and had ok results if I remember correctly.RESULTS: Load your pores up with nasty ingredients. My skin is now lumpy. I'm pissed. I also ordered samples from Makeup Artists Choice:bleaching gel, Mandelic peel & toner and some other goodies. RESULTS: Too harsh, extreme dehydration, burned my skin. I will test these separetely so I know what works and what does
  13. 4/1/13: Picked up Palmetto today, I hope it improves facial hair and acne. Will update. 4/12/13: Already I have experienced a full blown breakout. It is horrendous, my skin is ruined. I have mountains all over my damn face, I am extremely frustrated. Pustules, severe dehydration, flakiness, scaling, cysts WTF.