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  1. oh okay, i have actually use benzaclin in the past(which for me worked amazing) and well you can always mix the cetaphil and sunblock in the palm of ur hand before applying so you wont have to do all that.btw cetaphil is a really thick and oily moisturizer but you can try cerave(which a lot of people say works better) especially on oily acne prone skin and they have one with spf.
  2. same here its just better looking for a doctor(pediatrician) that also knows about skin care.
  3. Some Derms and Doctors are so silly they can be very selfish, my derm does that but my pediatrician which also knows about skin care is the bomb.
  4. you should call your dermo and ask her/him about it but i have used ethromycin in the past and its drying and irritating on its own i would suggest using one at night, ethromycin since it can leave a white consistency on the skin which can show if worn in the morning and b.p if needed on spots or in the morn before sunblock(which should be worn if using b.p)
  5. well i was given epiduo samples by my dermo to try out and at first it did burn itch and bother quite a bit but i don't think ill use it as it does not dry my pimples up or anything, finacea has done a better job in that area but i have never experienced peeling with epiduo maybe try using a tiny bit at night and applying moisturizer with it or after..cetaphil moisturizer works pretty well.
  6. well i have used retin a many times in the past and have been able to use products right after seeing no results with the retinoids i believe as long as you put on sunblock with a 30spf you should be good to go.
  7. i got this prescribed to me but only used it once since it caused my skin to get really oily, but anyways my dermo said not to except results for at least 12 weeks so maybe its still working and sometimes these retiniods can clog pores since it layers on top of the skin causing acne and clogging pores if applied to much, may be try cutting it to every other day.
  8. I got the samples for this and they are not really doing much so i am trying finacea which works better, but any how does epiduo make your skin itchy cause mine does?
  9. Definitely stop if its affecting your skin and causing sensitivity its better to stop the medication.
  10. I have been using finacea for a about five days now and epiduo for a week.Epiduo at night and Finacea at morning but as of right now i am going to try finacea at night only, to me they are both so irritating finacea by a lot MORE although they have definitely helped my skin in its appearance mainly smoothness it still burns itches and annoys me even if i don't have it on, i can still feel the tightness and bothersome feeling deep down in my skin.I have mild acne and my cheeks and forehead are my
  11. simply-music

    none yet burns itches causes dry skin i have been using it for a few days now so idk yet
  12. simply-music

    none tight skin from dryness, stomach ache, causes pimples to get red I don't really like it i used benzaclin in the past and it worked wonders the dermo prescribed me enthro. because its the generic version but it never did, and it doesn't work no where near the same as benzaclin.
  13. same here i have no idea as well..
  14. Retin a 0.1% decreased the oil a whole lot, my skin was so oily before i started using retin a 1% and i am taking about extremely shiny. My skin now is normal or dry looking and all i have to do to get rid of that is use a moisturizer and everything is good.