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  1. Try doing other exercises, weightlifting increases testosterone.
  2. Well at the store I forgot to get flush-free, but I read flush free uses niancimide but on the supplement facts it says Niacin (as inositol hexaniacinate) 100mg. so is this the right kind but just without the flush or what; im so confused.
  3. i have aloe in my yard and i used to use it alot but i didnt think it really helped. well i thought about accutane but i hear a shitload more negative results then good. not just the bad side effects but the fact that it just made them breakout more. my cousin had really bad cystic acne and it got rid of it for him but it made him really sore and he never grew anymore once he started using it.
  4. Hi Im new here and have been fighting acne since I was about in late 5th to 6th grade. Im now 16 and my acne has progressively gotten worse over the years. Ive dried numerous antibiotics and different regimens but still yet no success. I learned to stop picking at my face around 8th grade which helped alot. Around highschool my face got realllllly bad. I finally decided to try the urine therapy. First attempt i gave up, probably because of my consistency doing it. But in the summer I was using a
  5. I apply milk of magnesia to my moderate acne, let it sit and dry on my face for about 20 minutes, then rub in some jojoba oil so the MoM doesn't dry out my face. So do you guys think I should be washing off the MoM and then putting on the jojoba oil or just put it on over the MoM?