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  1. We both have it as bad in the context of emotional and mental strain. On the physical side, I've seen a he'll of a lot more guys with acne than girls, maybe this means girls are under greater pressure to have clear skin? I don't know.
  2. I wear hoodies too, and a thing called a buff to cover my neck when my hoods down. It fills me with a sense of security and without one on I feel vulnerable. I hope I'm clear by this summer so I can finally tale my top off and reveal all my hardwork!
  3. Breasts and a penis? Whoa dude.. Or should I say dudette? only joking, I get what you mean your genital acne is fordyces spots, google it. See a dermatologist about your acne
  4. Don't get down about it, most people on here would swap their skin for yours.
  5. One time a guy came up to me and looked at me for a bit, wondering what he was looking at I said WTF? He walked off and I heard him say 'it's much worse than I anticipated, maybe he has herpes'. karma was restored however: he fell over on some ice later that day and required a stich or two
  6. Dude I wear make up too. It is embarrassing, but only because you think you have to. Thing is I can't find a matching one to suit my tone, and even if I do, after applying my skin gets flaky. Ahh well.
  7. Realistically? Try my best in school, get my dying relationship back on track and remind her that cancer isn't the end, try to put up with accutanes flare ups, get on better with my parents, punch zac in the face. Less realistically, but possible- become the best I can academically be; attain all A*s at gcse, get 100% clear skin, take my top off in front of other people, get my six pack back. Unattainable- win the x factor, become the cleverest guy in school, delete bens heart condition. Don'
  8. Used to hve the same prob mate. They're called fordyces spots. 80% of males AND females have them, whether they notice them or not isn't the issue. The point is they're harmless and you're not alone. They can be cleared with accutane, topical or oral, and probably some other antibacterial thing. Ask your doctor for treatment. I'm on accutane now so mine are clearing up good luck.
  9. Hey, congrats on having the balls. I haven't exactly got anything inspirational to say, but I think acne sufferers turn into real fighters. I've been through it thick and and thin for 4 years and even now I find it impossible to truly be comfortable in my own skin. If you need anything else or help or whatever, I'd be happy to chat
  10. Yeah give it a chance, just don't come on here telling us you're gonna kill yourself
  11. I think it would be useful to have someone like him on the site, considering he's the guy who has/had the worst acne in the world. Anybody know what happened to him?
  12. early year 7 on my face. late year 7 on my back early year 8 chest late year 9 bum now year 10 started accutane
  13. Having terrible skin will put people off you a little, even if they are a saint. Harsh reality.
  14. youre good looking, and O.o impressive veins. Just chat up as many girls as you can, if they flake its their own fault