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  1. Does the mass (oil,dead skin cells...) stay inside the pore if you do not touch the skin in order to pick it? Would it just go away from skin?
  2. From Wikipedia Hyperkeratinization is a disorder of the cells lining the inside of a hair follicle. It is the normal function of these cells to detach or slough off (desquamate) from the skin lining at normal intervals. The dead cells are then forced out of the follicle (primarily by the growing hair). However, in hyperkeratinization, this process is interrupted and a number of these dead skin cells do not leave the follicle because of an excess of keratin, a natural protein found in the skin. T
  3. please members share your experience about love and acne, when relationship went bad does it caused more acne?
  4. I've realised that romantic love is good thing for our skin. 1 year ago I fell in love and my skin health improved. Then she left and my skin became so bad that i hated myself, maybe because of deppression. Now i have a girlfriend (I'm not mad by her but...) I hug her very often, just taking from her cordiality. My skin is improving... I don't know exactly how this works maybe some hormones are released during romantic activity that helps our skin improve...
  5. I started smoking 1 month ago and my skin health improved might due to less stress
  6. Everytime i pop a pimple i dysinfect area with alcohol or SA but... When i poped pimple after some time it reffiled, then i poped again, i poped very gently didn't hurt, then again, but it reffiled again. What to do? Should i pop it again or dont touch?
  7. In the perfect world you masturbate, some hormones increase and then reduced to normal, you take pleasure you dont get acne and you feel happy. but... In our world we masturbate, some hormones increase to very high level, then they reduced to very low level, you take pleasure then you only suffer, you get acne, you feel bad
  8. maybe high levels of prolactin causes acne maybe very high levels of prolactin reduces acne maybe low levels of prolactin reduces acne maybe very low levels of prolactin increases acne
  9. Just fuck her gently take 10 sec pleasure (but you'll get acne)
  10. I use it 3 times a day, it dries up sebum, it has no effect if you only put on a pimple, it must be applied on whole face
  11. Caffeine increases Serotonin, which increases Prolactin, prolactin = 5-a reductase, 5 a reductase = DHT, DHT = acne
  12. I have a question. If don't masturbate for 1-2 weeks would you have "wet dreams"??? has got wet dream ORGASM?